National Futures and Commodities Exchange to Conduct Environmental Audit

In line with corporate directives, the CSSD (Corporate Safety and Security Division) will be conducting a series of Environmental Audit starting next month. All auxiliary offices will be subject to the bi-annual Environmental Audit initiatives.

London, United Kingdom, May 02, 2013 --( “Our responsibility as part of National Futures and Commodities Exchange does not end with our work output. It has to continue on the preservation of our offices and work places. As employees, we are given an orientation on safety procedures this includes cleanliness, orderliness, and hygiene. The Environmental Audit is our evaluation marker to check on employee compliance and adherence to the guidelines and procedures laid out by the CSSD,” said Mr. Billy Joe, CSSD Chief.

Some of the most common violations are:
· Food storage (snacks, chips, beverages, and the like) in employee mobile cabinets
· Excessive work area decors
· Gathering used cartons, empty bottles, and the like

The above mentioned violations seem to be very simple yet gained the highest non-compliance acts by almost 76% of the workforce as indicated in the quarterly CSSD report to the Chairman. The Environmental Audits will not be announced. "This strategy is to keep everyone on their toes, not because we would want to stress them out but because we would want each and everyone to be always conscious of their accountability to the offices and work areas they are using," interjected Mr. Joe.

Violators will be held accountable under National Futures and Commodities Exchange code of conduct and policies on safety.

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