PHC Presents PHC Team FX

The brand new PHC Team FX helps you track your project time, estimates and expenses taking team collaboration and coordination to new heights. Ideal for companies and departments that have to manage projects, it controls time, information, budgets and teams.

Lisbon, Portugal, May 02, 2013 --( PHC Software, an international developer of business software, has launched PHC Team FX. Specially built for business managers and team coordinators like project managers, this product is a cloud computing solution. PHC Team FX helps track project time, estimates and expenses taking team collaboration and coordination to new heights.

This product puts teams right in the middle of the action and closes the circle to form a perfect unison of Time Management/Information/Expenses for each project, giving any company a perfect track record for pure excellence.

One of its main features is the Project Monitor. It's a monitor that presents everything systematically, which projects are open and closed, who has been attributed the task and which are delayed. Each manager can have a detailed approach about every action and know who has what task to keep timings under control.

PHC Team FX keeps every schedule tuned and in sync. This allows all users to save their appointments and keep other team members looped in. Everyone will be warned of conflicts and overlapping.

PHC Team FX also allows project managers to control their budgets and keep check of every cent. Type in an estimate and watch over it.

PHC Team FX brings in light to four key areas:

Time Management - It is a reliable system, with a unique user experience, accessed anywhere and designed especially to run consistently when it is needed the most. In a few clicks, it creates a project, defines the different phases, opens and delegates tasks, sets goals and deadlines to make sure managers don't miss a thing.

Information - PHC Team FX provides the ability to control the entire workflow in each project. Managers can choose and change access rights both on a project and user level.

Budget Control - It gives a complete expense report with all the company’s expenses and reviews the projects progress. PHC Team FX compares, views or reviews, but most importantly it lets the manager know where they are on the map.

Team Management - The Project Manger Monitor provides a clear and accessible view on all the different projects.

According to Francisco Caselli, software development manager for PHC Software, "PHC Team FX enriches the product portfolio of PHC FX solutions by bringing efficiency to project management, time and budget control and of course, team management - four key elements for any business to succeed." The manager goes on to point out that the new PHC Team FX "brings new ways for businesses to get organized and control their assets, with a sophisticated array of top tools that delight with their high level of intuitiveness, great simplicity and flexibility, and, of course, always being online accessible over the Internet."

PHC Team FX was designed to boost productivity and reduce costs. It is available exclusively on SaaS and on a Web interface, which allows access anywhere and anytime.
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