Duvon Corporation Announces StoAmigo’s CloudLocker – a Private and Secure Alternative to Public Cloud Storage

StoAmigo’s CloudLocker raises the bar for cloud storage by giving users a personal cloud device that is private and secure with the convenience of an online cloud platform.

Las Vegas, NV, May 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Duvon Corporation announces the upcoming release of StoAmigo's CloudLocker, a revolutionary new personal cloud device. CloudLocker is a new storage alternative for homes and businesses that gives users unparalleled privacy, security and control along with the ability to stream, share and enjoy digital media files from multiple devices, anytime, anywhere.

One of the driving forces behind the development of CloudLocker was addressing consumer concerns about security when it comes to public cloud storage. Ben Ow, President & Chief Creative Officer of Duvon Corporation explains, “This is not ‘cloud storage’ in the way we know it today. Because the CloudLocker can be kept in the home or office where it can be seen and touched, it is a technology that provides peace of mind for consumers. Their digital media is securely stored in the privacy of their home or office, yet is accessible from anywhere in the world. I believe that this concept will change the way we think about storing and accessing all of the digital media that is important to us.”

Ow points out that CloudLocker is the only truly cloud-based storage device on the market today, saying, “Other devices claim to be cloud-based, but often have complicated set up requirements and other restrictions. CloudLocker gives users plug-and-play set up and the easy functionality that they are accustomed to seeing in online cloud storage services.”

CloudLocker will feature 250GB of storage space and give users instant access to all of their stored digital media via the StoAmigo web and mobile applications. Users can even access and stream stored videos and music through their LAN to their TV, DVD player or other DLNA-capable home entertainment equipment, eliminating issues like buffering and bandwidth interruptions. The discreet device can be kept anywhere there is an internet connection and gives users many unique benefits when it comes to streaming and sharing their files. “Typically, sharing consists of emailing attachments, which really forces us to give away copies and lose control of our media especially when they get forwarded and re-forwarded; or posting to social media sites where our media becomes the property of the site,” Ow says. “With CloudLocker, users maintain complete control over their digital media at all times.”

CloudLocker's media management system is truly unprecedented. Its customizable permission settings for sharing give users flexibility – they have the power to decide who can view, download or share files with others. Users can also modify the settings or retract a share completely at any time; so that access can be denied to anyone the file has been previously shared with. In its latest Android app release, StoAmigo leads other cloud services by being the first to offer the new and exciting mobile to mobile QR code sharing, which makes digital media file sharing instantaneous and fun. (http://bit.ly/duvonQR)

“We’re excited about the combination of convenience and security that we have achieved in developing the CloudLocker,” says Ow. “CloudLocker is a unique storage option that provides consumers with the security, privacy and control of a personal storage device, along with the mobility and social benefits of cloud technology.”

CloudLocker is available for pre-order now, with a projected delivery date of June, 2013. For more information on purchasing the CloudLocker and a full list of features and benefits, please visit www.cloudlocker.it.

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