Princess Wisdom Publishing Releases La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in Spanish by F. Sophia

Princess Wisdom Publishing has released La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in Spanish by F. Sophia and asserts "This book provides blow-by-blow details about a single IT executive's romantic rendezvous with entertainers, athletes and professional men."

Chicago, IL, May 02, 2013 --( In La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in Spanish, author F. Sophia illustrates, "realistic dating stories of the struggles that dating professionals often encounter; and provides five principles to help singles overcome these challenges."

Princess Wisdom Publishing owner Feana Humphrey was asked how she felt about the book release of La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in Spanish. Ms. Humphrey stated that, “This is by far one of the best book’s we have published. The English version of this book was released in March 2013. The author F. Sophia (a.k.a Hershey) loosely based La Latina de Elegancia off of her real-life dating experiences. Hershey attended five high-schools, graduated early and got a full scholarship in Audio Engineering/Sound Recording to attend Georgia State University (GSU). While at GSU, she became the Assistant Music Director at WRFG 89.3; and produced the Art Terrell and Felicia Love show at HOT 97.5. One of her GSU classmates was Chris Bridges (a.k.a Chris Luva Luva and the rapper Ludacris), and she told him about her interning at radio stations. He immediately went to HOT 97.5, and started to intern for Ryan Cameron. Hershey’s weekends were filled with attending concerts, promotional events, release and listening parties and attending music conventions like the Gavin and Jack-the-Rapper. Hershey has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since she was a teenager. She was legendary throughout Chicago for rapping, making beats and her ability to fuse multiple forms of dance into her choreography. In the tenth grade, she met and started dancing and doing choreography for artists like the late Aaliyah Haughton. When Hershey was sixteen, she met rapper Common Sense at Cliff Levingston’s Riviera in Chicago; and his manger wanted to produce her. Instead of Hershey signing a record contract with Wayne Williams at Jive Records or becoming one of Janet Jackson’s tour dancers, she chose to attend college in Atlanta. Working in the entertainment industry allowed her to regularly meet artists like: Outkast, Goodie Mob, Nas, Guru, Sean Combs, Keith Murray, LL Cool J, Phife Dawg, Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang, Redman, Method Man and Biz Markie.”

When Princess Wisdom Publishing asked F. Sophia why she did not make La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 into a tell-all book she stated, “Anyone can write a tell-all book. I wanted to do something a little bit more challenging, so I modified some of my real dating experiences into a romance novel. I used to spend a lot of time in Mexico and most Latinos think I am Dominican, so I made the main character a Latina. My family is actually from the West Indies. I used to hang out with a lot of entertainers, but Hidden Beach Records saxophonist Mike Phillips (a.k.a Mike Philly) is the only one that I openly admit to dating.”

Princess Wisdom Publishing owner Feana Humphrey also stated, “Our collaboration on La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in English made a good fit, so it only seemed logical to later release the Spanish version. This book was intended to be entertaining, so chapters like Chapter 3 are very explicit, innovating and capture seasons in our lives from multiple perspectives. People that like meats and potatoes should read Chapter 3. People that like to snoop, should read “The Entertainer” located in Chapter 3. People that like a balanced meal (like Princess Wisdom Publishing), should read the entire book.”

F. Sophia (a.k.a Hershey) is the principle author for Princess Wisdom Publishing. Ms. Sophia writes about various subject matters, and her published works include: CL Etiquette, Flirting with Disasters, La Latina de Elegancia: Volume 1 in English and Spanish, Defense Mechanisms: Mastering Offenses, satan's helpers, Now What: You’re Unemployed…How to Handle Downtime and F. Sophia’s Guide to Elementary School: A tale for Children. She is a jet-setter by nature, and travels globally. She often wakes-up in one country, and goes to bed in another one. Ms. Sophia consults and volunteers in numerous industries, negotiated contracts for Fortune 500 companies and conducted etiquette seminars for a Tier 1 University. She enjoys cooking, baking, dancing, providing sustainment, biodynamic and eco-conscious consultations to restaurateurs and living a healthy lifestyle.

This is the eighth book from Princess Wisdom Publishing, and is now available in Kindle, Nook and other electronic book formats for $7.23.
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