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Lynchburg, VA, August 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Ebook author and media consultant, Dan Henrich, was interviewed yesterday by ABC affiliate, WSET-TV. The story, by reporter Josh Farmer, can be viewed at http://new.wset.com/news/stories/0807/447506.html.

Henrich has recently released a new free ebook, "Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century" which can be downloaded at http://ie-21stcentury.com. "However you do it, and where ever you do it, faith and congregation seem to go hand in hand. But, are you ready to tweak that idea a little? One university professor says religion can and will take a different feel in the future. Some local pastors are questioning if it's possible for a machine to replicate the religious experience."

Pastor Tim Gerde, Peakland UMC - "Our faith is really a relational faith, in that the faith is lived out in community."It's a community where people know their bond because they feel it. They see it face to face."

Gerde - "It's the sharing. It's the touching. It's the coming together, we believe, with our Lord and with one another."But, coming together in the 21st Century is already taking a different shape."

Daniel Henrich, Religious Media Consultant - "We, as Christians, have to develop strategies to reach people where they are." That's Dan Henrich, a longtime religious media consultant, and he's talking about the Internet.

Henrich - "That's where the eyeballs are." And, he says, it's where millions can and will turn for spirituality. There are many approaches to using the Internet for Evangelism. One is replicating your church service." Lynchburg pastor, Tim Gerde, won't disagree entirely.

Gerde - "We have an Internet page. We have a website." But, when it comes to replicating the experience, that's where he draws the line. I just think that so much good happens when people gather around this table or any table, wherever that table is, and break bread together." Still, together or not.

Henrich - "People are developing real relationships in chat rooms." So, kneel here or bow your head there, Henrich says they don't have to be so different.

Henrich - "You have to think about what church is. You know Church is fellowship. It's getting together and banding together to go out and make a difference in the world. Well, you can do that online and you can do sitting in the sanctuary. It's all up to you."

Henrich’s new free ebook, "Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century":

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