Shon Brooks Invents "Star Cigar" for Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic Names Shon Brooks' "S.O.B Brand" for Excellence, Quality, Vision and Inspiration.

Shon Brooks Invents "Star Cigar" for Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, May 03, 2013 --( Santo Domingo is the busiest cigar capital in the world. After 3 years in the making comes along a ‘star cigar’ created for the cigar aficionado and enthusiast. Cigars are ranked and graded with the attempt of achieving the highest score in points. The (GPA) Grade Point Average and (QPA) Quality Point Average of the newest brand is based on astuteness, innovation, creativity, intelligence, and being accountable for ones status. This brand was created for the ‘vanquisher’ in making wise choices and decisions in life. Here is a cigar made for the gifted critical thinker and extreme competitor. The S.O.B Cigar Rubusto and Torpedo will be headed for all states in the United States of America upon the launch date. ( It will debut in the “Habana Club Cafe” located in the Gaslamp, Westfield Horton Plaza, in front of Nordstrom. When asked of Kaveh, who is the owner of the 5 star Cigar boutique on ‘Yelp’, how he feels about the cigar coming to his shop first? “I'm very exited! Shon Brooks is coming back to Horton Plaza baby!”!/photo.php?fbid=182224115328&set=a.182221450328.160388.182221200328&type=1&theater

In regards to the quality of the S.O.B cigars, Jose Rivas, a Santo Domingo S.O.B Cigar factory representative says, “This cigar has been produced by (Tobaccos Carbonell S.A., Founded 1894) a cigar factory with more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of cigars. This is a tradition that goes from father to son and grandchildren, that's why the municipality of Villa González has declared this cigars company as 'Pride and example of family unity'.”

As for producing the cigars, S.O.B, the manufacturer has selected a mixture of the best Dominican tobacco leaves. Even the wrapper is of the type Carbonell and Quintin which gives a special texture, aroma, taste or flavor. The S.O.B cigars is 100% hand made and slated for a yearly production of 50,000 cigars.

The cigar box is made of Okoume wood, painted black with a gold leaf decoration on silver. The inside is decorated in black corduroy with the logo of the cigar. That is what gives the package a presentation of elevated quality and elegance.

About the blends:

S.O.B #1: Robusto (54 x 5.30)
S.O.B #2: Churchill (50 x 7.5)
S.O.B #4: Panatelo (30 x 5)
S.O.B #5: Toro (50 x 6)
S.O.B #6: Corona (43 x 5.5)
S.O.B #7: Double Corona (43 x 6.5)
S.O.B #3: Torpedo (52 x 6)

Brooks Entertainment Inc. is the registered copyright and trademark owner of the cigars and logo. This is a private corporation with a huge public following. "I am very flattered by this high honor in my career. I also think that whatever you do, you should do it with class and integrity. On a serious note, my grandfather died from cancer, however, he never did smoke! Portion of the proceeds will be donated for stem cell research in the fight for cancer answers,” says Shon Brooks, CEO.

“The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest economy in Latin America and the second largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region.” The S.O.B Cigar brand is already competing with leading top cigar brands. See (, and The marketing evaluation of this brand has skyrocketed due to the global presence which makes it highly favored.

For more information for licensed retailers ordering in your state or country, go to As for the general public and consumers, simply request for the cigars to be ordered by your local bar, restaurant or shop in your region.
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