Why Should Local Business Think About Future Technology Trends When Designing Their Websites

Business owners looking to make a long term investment in their website should take into considerations the latest web design and trending technologies to stay competitive.

McAllen, TX, May 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- It used to be the case that local business only needed their website to display nicely on a "standard" 800x600 Pixel screen. Most websites from 2000 and earlier only needed to show very few layouts to "just get it right" and everything was a little more square than what we are used to now. In today's world, technology is rapidly changing the way we interact with websites. Where before we only accessed the online world to search for some piece of quick information, now we form meaningful relationships, interact on a global scale, and sometimes even find the meaning of our life online.

As technology becomes more interactive and responsive to everyday life, websites have an increased demand in the level of interaction they should be able to provide. The old small screen is gone and is being replace by both incredibly retina display large screens and tiny Android-powered hand-held devices. Business owners that wish to stay relevant must think about their users and the technologies that most of their customers will be using to access their websites.

In a recent study by AlexWebmaster.com, 100 randomly selected participants from McAllen, Texas, were surveyed about the technologies they typically use to access websites. 70 percent of them said that at some point they intended to use their mobile devices to access at least one website per day or to perform a service-area local related search. When asked about "what is the feature that you dislike the most about websites when you access them on your mobile device," 35% of the participants responded that slow-downloading sites are the most irritating ones. 20% said that they disliked the fact that some do not "display nicely on the screen."

According to the World Wide Web Consortium, today 90% of the desktop screens are larger than 1090 pixels wide and close to 40% of online traffic might be generated from a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android Phone or Tablet). The problem that most business owners face today is the conflict between the old mentality that once you got your website designed, you could forget about it for a while. In today's world, a website that is not adaptive to new trends and technologies might soon become obsolete or simply discourage clients from conducting businesses.
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