Pet Butler Improves Website to Better Support Its National Customer Base

25 years in the business and still making waves, Pet Butler’s new website showcases its incredible pet waste cleanup service in a new light.

Seattle, WA, May 07, 2013 --( Making life easier for pet owners since 1988, Pet Butler offers the best pet waste cleanup services. It has recently released a new website, The new website comes with the addition of kitty box service to their suite of services. A new logo was also revealed, with a cat and a dog, making its debut on this leading pet waste cleanup brand.

“The cat’s name is Boxster, and the dog is called Scoopster,” said a Pet Butler spokesperson. Boxster and Scoopster are the perfect addition to a new website for Pet Butler. The new website and logo are among the many things that Pet Butler has done over the years to stay ahead of the curve. The pet waste clean up and disposal giant has a solid track record of providing hassle-free and affordable pet waste clean up services for dog owners.

The Pet Butler spokesperson also said, “Pet Butler has seen multiple fantastic decades creating and leading the pet waste clean up industry and the company’s ability to move forward is just amazing. Our commitment to providing the best pet waste cleanup services has thrived for over 25 years.” Now with their new website, the people at Pet Butler have reiterated their commitment to excellence in the pet waste cleanup business.

Pet Butler’s innovation started with their waste cleanup service itself and continues to this day with their dependable and affordable services. Clearly, the biggest downside of having pets is the nuisance of cleaning their waste. It’s not surprising why pet owners flock to Pet Butler’s reliable cleanup services.

Always committed to providing the most hassle-free pet waste cleanup services across the country, Pet Butler enjoys the patronage of an ever-expanding group of pet owners. From their well-trained staff to well thought-out services, everything at Pet Butler helps make the life of a pet owner more comfortable and enjoyable.

The new website does a brilliant job of uniting the huge enterprise spread over 70 locations and thousands of customers. With a couple of clicks you can get an instant quote and find a Pet Butler service provider in your area. Even if Pet Butler does not have a location in your area, they will refer you to a high quality associate if one is in your area. It's an excellent unifying factor for numerous pet owners who recognize, respect and rely on Pet Butler. Pet Butler's services can also be availed through HomeTask's website.

About Pet Butler
Established originally in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio, Pet Butler provides pet waste cleanup service for dogs and cats right at home across the country from the current headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Dog owners can choose from weekly or multiple visits per week to keep their yard sanitary and presentable. Today, Pet Butler is the largest pet waste cleanup company in the world with over 70 locations and thousands of customers.
Pet Butler
Jerrod Sessler