Lawn Army’s Breaks the 100-Customer Mark in First Year in Business

The Leading Full-Service Residential Yard Service Company, Lawn Army, Makes Headway with Over a Century of Customers the First Year.

Seattle, WA, May 07, 2013 --( Lawn Army opened only a year ago and has recently signed its 100th customer. The first of its kind in the land care maintenance business, Lawn Army provides full service mow, edge and cleaning services for residential properties.

Lawn Army is unique because of the strong backing of home service giant, which brings a great system and the strongest service management software in the world.

At this auspicious occasion, a Lawn Army spokesman said, “There were many companies offering commercial yard maintenance services but none focused on residential customers. The closest thing homeowners got was chemical treatment. We changed that.”

Several years in the making, Lawn Army is now on center stage and poised to grow nationally through the franchise business platform. “We made a bold decision to bring a comprehensive yard maintenance solution for homeowners that would enable them to schedule, maintain and manage their service on-line,” says founder, Jerrod Sessler in a recent press conference near the company’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The recent signing of their 100th customer shows they were right that a high quality, reliable, well branded solution is just what people want in this industry. Watch closely in the coming years as Lawn Army service locations spring up across the country to revamp and dominate the residential land care industry. The company expects many existing land care businesses to be interested in converting their brand to capture the scheduling, branding and billings systems available through the HomeTask backed Lawn Army system.

“Lawn Army’s comprehensive residential lawn care services are a dream come true for homeowners,” the spokesperson added. Lawn care is definitely one of the tedious things homeowners are faced with and Lawn Army’s services are most welcomed by them.

Lawn Army owes its swift ascent from 0 to 100 customers in just 1 year’s time to its combination of the best tools and talent. This translates into the best looking yards, parks, estates etc. Homeowners can, and have, put their trust in Lawn Army’s well-equipped & well-trained landscape maintenance professionals regardless of the size and nature of their property.

Many companies may be too afraid to try something new. Lawn Army not only did that, but followed through with first-class services. The result is clear as their list of customers went into three figures in just under a year.

In addition to just providing a service that no one else does, Lawn Army is a hard working enterprise that goes the extra mile to satisfy its customers. From seasoned groundskeepers to well-trained gardeners using the very best equipment available, Lawn Army is staffed by the right kind of people and tools. Lawn Army’s services involve various types of lawn care jobs & tasks, all of which are managed with the help of state-of-the-art software and reliable support services.

Thanks to Lawn Army’s first-rate lawn care services, homeowners across the country can enjoy the beauty and admiration of a well-maintained lawn without the hassle and inconvenience normally associated with it. They can choose from a variety of lawn care service plans and weekly schedules to suit their needs, budget and timetable. From lawn fertilization to weed control to seasonal color, Lawn Army brings you the most remarkable services to enhance your lawn at a manageable monthly fee.
Lawn Army
Jerrod Sessler