Murphy Plastic Surgery Inviting Residents Across Reno, Nevada for Free Expert Consultation to Discuss Liposuction Options

Reno, NV, May 07, 2013 --( Reno, NV based cosmetic treatment clinic, Murphy Plastic Surgery has just announced that they’re now inviting residents across the local area for a free expert consultation to discuss liposuction treatment. This new free consultation offer will enable Reno, Nevada residents to learn about liposuction, in order to make a knowledge-based decision on whether the treatment is suited to their unique medical needs.

Some Americans find that they are unhappy with one particular area of their body due to size. Inherited physical size characteristics can be extremely challenging to change without resorting to cosmetic treatment. Sometimes even those who spend hours a day at the gym struggle with their weight. And this means that liposuction is often the requisite course of treatment for an excess weight issue. One of the most qualified and experienced liposuction specialists in the Reno, Nevada area is Dr. James E. Murphy of Murphy Plastic Surgery.

By speaking directly with Dr. James E. Murphy about the benefits of liposuction, many will find that their fears concerning the surgery are allayed. Dr. Murphy understands many of the issues that today’s American faces in their daily lives. He also understands the mobile issues some face as they look to their future. For this reason, the Murphy Plastic Surgery is inviting residents of Nevada for a free consultation to learn more about the liposuction treatment process.

Dr. Murphy’s experience within the cosmetic field means that there are few local professionals that are better able to explain the liposuction treatment process. He explains the pre-treatment, treatment and post treatment phases in a way that allows all patients to truly gain a comprehensive understanding. This ensures that patients have all the information they required to make a proactive choice that suits their lifestyle needs

Offering proven experience and dramatic treatment results that available for client review, Dr. James E. Murphy is now the select choice for local area residents considering their cosmetic treatment options. To learn more about Dr. Murphy and the Murphy Plastic Surgery clinic, please contact the clinic directly or visit their website at
Tracy Murphy