Red Flag Game Studio Targets Puzzle Fans

Company announces a new take on the puzzle game genre.

Orlando, FL, May 08, 2013 --( Red Flag Game Studio has announced Puzzle Knots, a new puzzle game designed specifically for puzzle lovers, especially those who play Flow, Bejeweled, Sudoku, Cogs, Candy Crush Saga, Cut the Rope, and unblock puzzles. The core mechanics of the game are wholly original and not based on any existing puzzle games, making for a brand new gaming experience.

Over one hundred hand-crafted puzzles are wrapped into this release, with plans for even more hand crafted puzzles to quickly follow. The puzzles are simple to learn, yet difficult to master. Puzzle Knots avoids punitive feedback, but awards a star ranking in each level to assess how well players do on the puzzles. Players of any skill level will be able to complete each puzzle, but those looking for a continued challenge will find that collecting all the stars requires a masterful touch.

To quickly get new players into the game, Red Flag Game Studio has put in interactive tutorials, and in addition to the hand-crafted puzzle packs, the game features Infinite Puzzle Boards that instantly create endless unique puzzles for players.

Unlike many recent games, Puzzle Knots is not restricted by time limits, lives, or tokens and in addition, much of the content is free. Players only have to make a purchase for more content.

The game will initially be available on Android devices, with plans to release on iOS, Amazon, and all other major mobile platforms soon after.

Dax Gazaway, the founder and sole developer at Red Flag Game Studio, has been active in the video game industry for major game publishers like Sony, Activision, 3DO and Lucasarts for over thirteen years. In that time he has contributed to gaming franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Guitar Hero.

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