SEO Publicist and Press Release Writer Hopeton Hewett Recovers Promptly to Continue Helping Business Owners

SEO publicist and marketing strategist Hopeton Hewett wrote an article titled "20 things your publicist is not doing." Unfortunately there were issues viewing the page and now I.E.M.A's owner is promoting this article yet again.

New York, NY, May 09, 2013 --( SEO press release writer and marketing tycoon Mr. Hewett is the owner of Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising. They are an online business in Omaha, Ne that provides internet marketing services and publicity to small companies. I.E.M.A. is known for structuring marketing plans around competitive atmospheres and applying effective strategy to make an online impact.

Mr. Hewett's advertising and marketing firm challenges itself with meeting the demand of accelerated development as well as increasing it's customer base through social media. It seems as though this company has no intention of stopping international promotion of their online publicity services or backing down from the hardships of building a business.

Not less than a week ago the owner of Intellectual Expansionist Marketing and Advertising wrote an article titled "20 Things Your Publicist Is Not Doing." Mr. Hewett wrote the article to give business owners a scripture on how to improve press releases through SEO. The online marketer was also trying to promote his services as an SEO press release writer and tell business owners how they could improve their press releases. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties on his blog the article did not gain the readership that Hopeton and the public expected. Immediately moving to correct his mistake Mr. Hewett has made the article viewable on his website.

Mr. Hewett hopes this will give him international authority for optimizing press releases as well as increase business awareness about his services. He will be marketing his services by visiting news sites and finding releases that are not optimized. He will then contact the businesses that they represent and tell them of his company's services. His blog titled "Search Engine Optimization Warfare" will be fully operational for customers to visit by the end of today and Mr. Hewett looks forward to recovering his content.

Mr. Hewett made this comment on the subject "First I would like to say thank you to the people who visited my blog to tell me of my mistake in the earlier press release and to the gentleman that made the post about improving SEO for my page."

Mr. Hewett explains "I wanted to tell people how they could improve the amount of publicity they received for the money they're paying."

Mr. Hewett continues "Unfortunately my blog crashed due to reasons I will explain later. You will be happy to know I'm continuing as originally planned to tell people who pay for press releases how to use them more effectively."

Mr. Hewett says "I will step up and let the public know how to get more out of their news releases through SEO by offering help and marketing my services. This is another marketing angle that is sure to increase publicity for my business."

Mr. Hewett will optimize news releases starting at $99 but they're ensured to increase the reach of news and attract back links by the thousands. Mr. Hewett is an internationally known SEO press release writer with readership in India, Portugal, Spain, France, China, Japan, Austria, Romania, Australia, Ireland, German, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom as well as the U.S. If potential customers would like to ask about I.E.M.A.'s SEO press release writing service they're urged to call 402-547-7883 or visit their website.
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