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Mamitons is a leading handbag designer, producing handmade, eco friendly tote handbags, bags & purses from Africa and selling them in the United States.

Lewes, DE, May 09, 2013 --( Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Everybody loves their mom and always want to give them that special attention on Mother’s Day. What is more special than to do something for them that has a real impact? Why not an eco-gift? If interested...keep on reading for more:

For a change, one can offer special mom something that she will not only love, but something that she can be proud of and show off because it is good for planet and reduces her carbon footprint.

Ma’mitons carries a line of fashionable, handmade and environmentally friendly handbags that are made by fairly paid artisans from Africa. You can visit the website, to find her the perfect eco handbag for the summer. The handbags offered by Mamitons, are crafted to be strong and handle the test of time. They also donate 1% of total sales to charity.

To help celebrate moms from all over the United States, they are offering a 50% off discount on all orders placed between May 07th and May 14th. Simply use coupon code “MOTHERSDAY” at check out.

More interested in a traditional gift? Instead of buying your mom regular flowers, you can choose organically grown flowers that have no chemicals or pesticides. If your mom has a taste for sweets, a box of vegan cupcakes or chocolates is a great alternative.

It is not just about the environment; it is also about making a difference in the world. So this year try donating to your mom’s favorite charity for Mother’s Day. If she doesn’t have a favorite charity, Mamitons suggest donating to a not for profit wildlife and environmental charity that works to protect and preserve nature. Or you can simply support Ma’mitons favorites’ charity, SOS Children’s Villages.

Mother’s day does not have to be about buying gifts. It can be about spending time with your mom and enjoying the simple things in life like having a picnic together, going to her favorite art exhibit, or just volunteering together.

Whatever you decide to do, as long as you are with your mom on Mother’s Day she will just love it.
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