Ecover Products Are Now Available at is pleased to offer Ecover’s “green,” effective and eco-cleaning products, which are made from natural, sustainable, plant-based ingredients.

Philadelphia, PA, May 09, 2013 --( Ecover products are available at

Ecover has been making green, effective and eco-cleaning products for over 30 years. Their products are made from natural, sustainable, plant-based ingredients and they are constantly working to improve their products in terms of biodegradability and a gentler impact on the environment. They strive for scientific renewability in terms of ingredients, development and use.

Ecover introduced the first phosphate free washing powder. They have installed green roofs on their factories to save energy. They turn raw sugarcane into fantastic plastic packaging. All these little steps add up to help protect the Earth. And, if you can believe it, they even share their groundbreaking technologies with their competitors in the same industry.

Scrolling around their website, one will also find that their factory runs entirely on electricity produced by wind generators, tidal generators and other natural local resources. Of course they are against animal testing, and obviously do not use phosphates, phthalates, chlorine bleach, LAS or ammonia. These chemical ingredients aren't necessary in cleaners; aiming to avoid them at home will positively impact both people and the planet.

Ecover even offers their employees salary incentives to bike to work. And more than 35% of their company cars are hybrids, reducing CO2 emissions.

So it's not just about a “green” clean. It's about lifestyle choices and a bigger impact on the environment everyone lives in. Green Box Market is happy to offer Ecover products. Visit their page today by finding them under the “Brands” section of the website.
Steph Gilchrist