Earl™ The Voice Driven iPhone & iPad Newsreader App Now Has Over 400 Sources of Content Available

The team at Angle llc, the producer of Earl™ ; is celebrating the milestone of breaking the 400+ number of newspaper, magazine, blog, and other online media sources that now can be accessed and read by the Earl application.

Eugene, OR, May 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The addition of so much accessible content for the commuter, print-impaired, and other users make Earl™ an even more dynamic news and information aggregator. Voice driven command structure, paired with the continuing addition of quality news and informational content that is read by flowing, pleasant conversational voices moves Earl™ even closer to the Angle team's goal of providing the best user experience possible.

Earl™ contains such newspaper sources as The New York Times, The Times of London, and The Toronto Star as well as 250+ other newspapers from around the world. These media sources are the backbone of the Earl™ application. Couple with these newspaper sources such online web content such as the Associated Press, Tech Crunch, and The Atlantic Magazine Earl™ aggregates a vast amount of information sources that can be readily accessed by using the intuitive voice commands provided inside of the application.

Earl™ continues to be free for a limited time. This allows them to show the supreme quality and usability of the application for not only the sight-impaired, but for sighted user who is on the go in the car or at the gym. Angle llc. is moving rapidly towards its goal of making print, web, and magazine media more accessible to everyone who wants to listen to informational and entertaining text content.

Soon there will be a new release, Earl™ 2.0 that will include much improved functionality that will make accessing user content even more seamless and intuitive. The increased performance of Earl's speech recognition, article parsing, and simplification of the voice-menu will make the app even easier for the Earl™ user to enjoy.

Earl™ can be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

Angle llc continues to strive to produce the highest quality technology products to deliver media to the sighted and non-sighted user. User experience is our number one priority for the Earl™ app. We are continuing to refine and add features that improve the usability of Earl™ .

About Angle llc:
We founded Angle, llc and created Earl™ as a service to make newspaper, magazine, and web content available and accessible to everyone. The Earl™ team built a service that would make it possible to listen to the latest print news and media articles on a mobile device. We made it as straightforward as possible, without a complicated interface to get in the way of its purpose. Earl™ is about providing the tools to continue to discover and learn.
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