Free App Translator, Ackuna, Now Offers Professional Translation Option

Ackuna, the free crowdsource translation platform designed for app developers now offers professional quality translations.

Jersey City, NJ, May 13, 2013 --( Ackuna, the free open-source translation platform designed specifically for app developers who want to make their applications multi-lingual, now offers a professional translation option for more accurate results and a faster delivery.

New Jersey-based tech startup Ackuna,, has quickly garnered much attention and praise from the tech and language community over the past year. Ackuna has been featured in Mashable, WIRED, and VentureBeat, and is gaining momentum as the go-to resource for translating apps.

While Ackuna still offers the free translation option through crowdsourcing to a community of bi-lingual users and translators, the new professional translation option is a paid service. While the fee is quite nominal compared to traditional professional translation services, the results are 100% accurate and the turn around time is just as fast as the crowdsourcing option.

For developers, Ackuna seems to be a dream come true. As apps continue to gain popularity all over the world, the biggest dilemma for developers is trying to make their apps stand out and reach the most people. Since the majority of apps still remain monolingual, many foreign language speakers bypass using apps that aren’t in their native language, thus limiting the number of users of that app.

Ackuna solves this issue for developers by offering a fast, easy, and free (or inexpensive) solution. The developer simply uploads their native files to Ackuna, and the system handles the rest. There is no extra formatting or "stripping" of the text from the code required. Once the translation is completed, the developer can then download their translated files in the same native format as the original.

To find out more about Ackuna, you can visit to sign up or to read more about how it works.

About Ackuna
Ackuna was created by Translation Cloud, LLC. Translation Cloud,, is one of the leading translation services companies in the Global Translation and Communications Industry.
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