BoostSoft Inc. Releases Its Groundbreaking Software 'SmartBooster' to Facilitate Large-scale Distribution of Online Videos

When many online video websites are seeking a solution to reduce enormous bandwidth and hardware costs while widely distributing video content, BoostSoft Inc. releases 'SmartBooster 1.0' to help them out.

Edmonton, Canada, August 20, 2007 --( BoostSoft Inc. releases its groundbreaking software, SmartBooster, to facilitate large-scale distribution of online videos, targeting the rapidly growing industry of online video websites.

"The era of online video entertainment is coming," says Tao Wang, President of BoostSoft Inc. "Media corporations must integrate substantial exposure to a rapidly increasing online audience. There are tens of thousands of online video websites and thousands more are being developed. However, many of them are suffering from heavy-buying media servers and tremendous bandwidth usage. Traditional client-server video streaming architecture, in which all the clients retrieve data from the server, requiring thousands of media servers and consuming excessive bandwidth, is inefficient and too expensive to be deployed globally."

"The cutting-edge peer-to-peer technology, in which clients can retrieve data from other clients, is able to reduce the burden of media servers and the bandwidth usage," says Wang. "However, some recent ventures request video content from the owners and create new websites and online channels for online video distribution. Some content owners are willing to show their content on such new websites or channels, but many more have already established and invested in their own video websites and online channels. What they need is a solution to make the online video streaming more efficient and cut down the running costs. Our software, SmartBooster, is designed to cater to this need. It maximizes the download rate by taking advantage of the peer-to-peer and multithreading technologies. With our technology, you can reduce the number of media servers and the bandwidth usage. One of the most exciting features is that nothing will change on your website so that your previous investment can be saved."

"It’s the rebirth and revitalization of mainstream media as we speak. Conservative predictions estimate the number of subscribers to IPTV services will rise from 3 million in 2005 to over 50 million in the next couple of years, while advertisers spending on online video advertising alone will be in the $5 billion range by 2010, more than doubling the $2.1 billion expected to be spent this year."

SmartBooster is free for individual viewers to use. Individuals can download the software free at Compared to other plug-ins, it has a very small size, quick download time, and fast initialization time. The installation package is less than two megabytes. "Any viewer with SmartBooster installed can enjoy smooth playback of online videos without even noticing its existence," says Wang, "SmartBooster acts as a transparent agent and optimizes the traffic among the viewer, other viewers, and the media servers."

The revenue model of BoostSoft is to license SmartBooster to video websites. "The cost of running a video website will be markedly decreased by using this software," says Wang, "The license fee will be only a small portion of the saved money."

"In addition to video on demand, SmartBooster can also support live broadcasting and time shifting play. It also adopts the digital rights management technique to protect the copyright. We are so sure you will like it. Why not give it a try?"

About BoostSoft Inc.
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