Secrets to a Creative Mind - Become the Master of Your Mind Recently Released

Secrets to a Creative Mind - Become the Master of Your Mind recently released by the creative mind that designed the first SUV and pioneered the world of video games.

Green Valley, AZ, May 12, 2013 --( The Author David Judd Nutting takes readers into a mental and spiritual world never before understood as he reveals the secrets and the creative power of the human mind. Discover the exciting transempirical world of creativity that has been hiding from view within us all. Secrets to a Creative Mind is a succinct Non-Fiction book that opens a new window to your inner self, your soul, and its discovery will awaken a fresh spirituality, which readers can use to tap into a secret world within themselves they never knew existed. Readers will learn Thought Talk, how to have conversation with your subconscious mind to establish your goals in life and then to make all those goals come true. What you thinketh you will become. You will also learn about that neuro-empathic tingle unique to each individual-which arouses true aesthetic pleasure. The reader will also learn the inner workings of the Genius mind and how you can train your mind to think like a Genius.

Secrets to a Creative Mind was recently selected by ForeWord Magazine as a finalist in the book of the year award –(Body, Mind & Spirit).

Nutting spent decades revers-engineering his own creative mind to discover the inner workings of the human mind that no erudite scholar could ever imagine.

Secrets to a Creative Mind is a new awakening for all ages and gender, especially young professional’s and a must read for all College and University students.

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Book Information:
Secrets to a Creative Mind-Become the Master of Your Mind
Author: David Judd Nutting
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISNB: 978-1478719236 (SC)
978-1478719236 (HC)
Published: October 2012
Pages: 69

About the Author:
David Judd Nutting has spent 6 decades of his professional career as an Industrial Designer, Engineer, Inventor, and as an Author. His designs range from Evinrude Outboard Motors, Mirro cookware, Bolens tractors, 3M products, Industrial Machinery, Enstrom helicopter and for Willys Motors, Nutting designed the first SUV- the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Creating his own R&D group, Dave Nutting Associates, he pioneered the world of Video games for Bally/Midway, creating games, Sea Wolf, Gunfight, Baby Pacman, Gorf, Wizard of Wor, and Professor Pacman. The Nutting group created the first personal computer marketed as the Bally Arcade. In his spare moments Nutting spent time studying Quantum Physics and in 2005 wrote a book “Language of Nature – Quantum World Revealed, so all the folks can understand the basics of the Quantum world. Nutting has now written Secrets to a Creative Mind to reveal the inner workings of a creative mind never before told.

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