Revised VirtueMart User Manual Paperback Published Today

The VirtueMart 2 User Manual ShowMe Guides(tm) paperback has been newly updated for 2013 and is now available to the public on worldwide

Austin, TX, May 11, 2013 --( Author Kerry Watson of today published the updated, 250-page paperback "VirtueMart 2 User Manual" detailing five different features that have been added to the Admin since the popular e-commerce program was released last year.

This full-color, fully illustrated, professionally-written guide includes easy instructions for administering every current feature of an online store using VirtueMart 2. No technical knowledge is required. The updated guide is current to VirtueMart 2.0.20b, but may be used for any version of the VirtueMart 2 program. This guide also includes a free installation & quick set-up guide, and information about web hosts who will install the VirtueMart 2 program for free.

In addition, the paperback includes a subscription to future "What's New?" electronic updates about the VirtueMart program for the life of the VirtueMart 2 series, so the book is always current. See the book for details.

Who Should Get The Updated VirtueMart 2 User Manual?
Any store owner who wants to take advantage of the new payment methods added - including Klarna Invoice and Partial Payment, Moneybookers/Skrill, Heidelpay, and more - should get this new paperback. The newly updated "VirtueMart 2 User Manual" is perfect for non-technical users, such as store owners or administrators, or those who are interested in trying VirtueMart, but are not yet ready to commit. All user guides by OSC Manuals are geared to this audience. But this guide can be a valuable time-saver even for advanced developers who need to install many copies of VirtueMart and get out fast. Web hosts and developers can purchase wholesale versions for their own clients, freeing them from basic support to concentrate on technical issues. See the site for details.

About VirtueMart
VirtueMart 2 was released in 2011 and rapidly became the world's #1 most popular free e-Commerce program for Joomla content management system.
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