ISPreview Study Finds UK People Reluctant to Recommend Their ISP

The latest poll of more than 770 online readers of the consumer information website has claimed that half would definitely recommend their broadband ISP to friends or family, yet more than a quarter felt that their providers service was expensive but most still remain broadly satisfied.

London, United Kingdom, May 15, 2013 --( A new web-based poll, which was conducted with 779 Internet users in the United Kingdom, has found that more than a quarter (27%) view their broadband ISP as being too expensive (46% said the price was "average" and 27% felt it was "cheap") and just less than half (48%) would recommend their provider to others (32% said they wouldn't and 20% were undecided).

But aside from price, what else could be causing consumers to be hesitant about recommending their ISP? Some 45% said they felt that the quality of their providers customer support was "good," while 30% said it was "average" and a quarter (25%) rated it as poor. Elsewhere 50% said their ISP had "good" service speeds and reliability, while 28% thought they were "poor" and 22% answered with "average."

"A study conducted by earlier this year found that close to two thirds of consumers appeared to be 'happy' with their broadband ISP choice, yet the new research suggests that only around half would go the next step and recommend their provider to other people," said's Founder, Mark Jackson. "Word of mouth is a very fluid but powerful tool and one that frequently benefits broadband providers, albeit only those which are able to deliver upon their promises of a good service. Nobody likes to recommend a service to friends unless they're sure it won't come back to haunt them."
Mark Jackson