AVID Soccer Equipment Review Announces the Winners of Its 2007 Goal Keeper Shoot-out

AVID Soccer congratulates the winners of their 2007 Goal Keeper Kit and Glove Shoot-outs. Visit the AVID Soccer Equipment Review (http://blog.avidsoccer.com) to find the winners.

Palmdale, CA, August 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- While soccer may be a team sport, the Keeper stands alone. Number four and five in their shoot-out series, the AVID Soccer Equipment Review conducted head-to-head comparisons of match level goal keeper jerseys and gloves. Each jersey was put through its paces side by side with peers. Some two stood tall and the others took a dive.

Both of their tests focused on comfort and durability. In the first round, they tested jerseys from Umbro (England National Team jersey) , Nike (Premier and Mercurial) and Kappa. In the end, even they had to admit that two stood head and shoulders above the rest. Find out who won at AVID Soccer (http://blog.avidsoccer.com/2007/08/10/avid-soccer-goal-keeper-shootout-part-one.aspx).

The second round focused on the asset that sets a keeper apart, his/her hands. AVID Soccer tested top of the line gloves from adidas, Selsport and Reusch. Each has been a favorite of one or more testers over the past six months. Find out is reigning AVID Soccer‘s 2006 “Goal Keeper Glove of the Year” maintained the crown or was dethroned by one of the Germans. (http://blog.avidsoccer.com/2007/08/15/avid-soccer-goal-keeper-shootout-part-two.aspx)

About AVID Soccer:

AVID Soccer is a grass roots organization that provides information and training to individual players, groups and teams. AVID Soccer consists of coaches and trainers dedicated to improving the image of soccer; the level of training; and the level of play.

The AVID Soccer Equipment Review provides objective testing services, reviews and information on soccer equipment and related products. They currently have over 20 testers ranging from U-9 players through semi-pro. The AVID Soccer Equipment review web log was founded in March 2006.

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