Dallas Web Design Company Launches HTML5 Website

Craigthegraphicartist.com offers creative and cutting edge web design, Craig's services are different than many of the other Dallas Web Design Companies out there. With a focus on visual aesthetics, simplicity with a mix of creativity and uniqueness. Craig creates websites that not only impress his competition, but inspire other web designers.

Dallas, TX, May 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- After the launch of his newly designed website in October of 2012, Craig has implemented the HTML5 standard into his code. "It was time to take the leap into HTML5," says Craig Smith a Dallas web designer and web developer. His site from a front end view looks just like the launch in October, but under the hood it has a cleaner and more semantic code structure. Using HTML5 standards and tags.

"I wanted to create a site that was clean coded with HTML5 and blow my competition out of the water! HTML5 code has finally become easy to implement with a few javascript or CSS resets to help support elements that older browsers wouldn't recognize. This is the reason it took so long to really jump onto the HTML5 band wagon," Craig states, and he isn't alone. There are plenty of modern day web design companies out there that still don't implement HTML5. Craig comments, "Being on the cusp of technology is nice and all and a lot of companies like to throw around big words or phrases to make them sound superior to their competition. But in reality sometimes a newly developed system needs to catchup or work its bugs out and isn't always the way to go for a client's website. Majority of computers or browsers are always one step behind."

Craig comments, "With so many so called web design companies out there it is hard to find a company or person who really cares about running a clean and efficient coded website. There are so many open source frameworks out there that write code for you many companies lack the knowledge or consideration for running a clean coded website. I know that a faster, cleaner code means a better user experience for your website visitors, not to mention getting some big brownie points from Google!"

Craig Smith has always been on the cutting edge for whatever industry he has been a part of. He likes to try new things and strives to create something unique and original whenever possible. If the budget allows for it Craig can craft a great piece of artwork for a variety of mediums. Occasionally he will go beyond the scope or budget of a project just to give some creative flare to the project.

Craig Smith
Craig Smith