Americans Feel Rich with $2- to $3-Million

A majority of Americans would feel rich with $2-million to $3-million, according to a new survey by Money

Las Vegas, NV, May 15, 2013 --( A new survey shows that a majority of Americans would feel rich with $2-million to $3-million. The poll conducted by upstart financial website Money found that 52% of those polled would be financially secure with that amount of money.

In these tough economic times only 22% said they would need $5-million or more in the bank or under their control to feel rich. Slightly more than one-in-four or 26% said they would feel secure with only $1-million in their possession. The online poll was taken over a two week period, ending Tuesday.

A good retirement fund starts with $500,000 for the average worker, according to a report by Money Journal. However, living on $25,000 a year for a couple or a two-person household would only last 20 years with $500,000, not considering or including any sort of interest the money would yield over the period. Many financial analysts recommend saving a larger nest egg for a two person household.

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