Caltron Releases the MP-1080N, High Definition Zoning Network Digital Signage Player

Caltron releases the MP-1080N, high definition digital signage media player that comes with online content management software which allows easy content management for each signage player.

Fremont, CA, May 16, 2013 --( As digital signage technology constantly improves, it becomes more user friendly, filled with many options that users can choose to use in their application. Many users are trying to find better ways of reaching their target audience. Digital signage is a great way of reaching target audiences through the display of dynamic content. Digital signage can be used in practically every application when trying to send a powerful or captivating message to an audience. Using digital signage media players can help to deliver content to a large group at one time with very minimal maintenance. Implementing a digital signage media player to any application help to create a more creative vibe, since a more effective image or video animation can help to deliver that power punch to “wow” visitors that come to see the attraction. Media players and digital signage can help turn a boring static billboard or image into something that is much more fun and interactive for visitors that come.

In many applications, the display is meant to draw in visitors and capture their attention. The more creative the content, the more engaged visitors will become. Engaged visitors are most likely to help spread the attention of the display and this usually causes an excitement in the air and this helps to promote the exhibit or content that is displayed.

Caltron’s newest player, the MP-1080N, high definition network digital signage media player with zoning and online content management software will help users create a display that requires minimal attention and can be easily updated remotely. While the digital signage media player does not create content, it does help to manage and arrange how the content will be displayed, with the free iCAT3 software provided. Content creators or self created content can be uploaded into the online management’s storage. The MP-1080N is capable of outputting full 1920 x 1080 HD content and is meant for screens that are capable of supporting 1080i or 1080P quality content.

Designing and managing content with the simple iCAT3 software has never been easier. The iCAT3 software provides all of the necessary tools to properly create playlists and schedules as well as manage content all online. Each account will have a unique login and password for user security. The iCAT3 software is a simple, drag-n-drop, type of application that help user’s create single day playlists to multi day playlists. With a simple resizable zoning feature to create multi-zone content, a screen display with one single image/video can be displayed or there can be multiple zones, if necessary. This software also allows for music to be played in the background, if images are being displayed. As soon as the schedules and playlists are completed, the MP-1080N is ready to receive the playlists. iCAT3’s software also allows for a live RSS feed or a simple scrolling text to include more vital information. A date/time and weather feature can also be added for more information.

A unique feature that the MP-1080N, digital signage player and iCAT3 has is that while it plays the current files and playlists, it is constantly downloading potential future playlists and schedules in the background to minimize loading times for future content to be displayed. This software is always receiving live feed back from each digital signage player so that player status is easily monitored. Content log data is always updated into iCAT3 to provide a detailed description of each player’s daily status. As long as each payer has an internet connection, then each player can be update from any location provided that location has internet connection for the user to connect to iCAT3 and update each player or group of players.

The MP-1080N and iCAT3 was created to give each user an easy to use experience. Within a few minutes, the user can create playlists and schedules to be transferred to each digital signage media player. Content is transferred over IP to the internal 4GB internal memory or up to 32GB of external memory. User created playlists contain multiple digital signage file formats such as image, video or music files, along with scrolling text files and RSS file feeds.

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