EduLib Releases Version 1.2 of Multi-Platform Software Solution CERTivity KeyStores Manager

EduLib, member of MuseGlobal Group, releases CERTivity 1.2, a new version which offers support to view CRL/CSR files, improved certificates management in certificate chains, trust validation customization, selective drag & drop and many other new features intended to increase usability and to provide an even more pleasant experience working with Cryptographic Keys Management, Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Signing.

Craiova, Romania, May 17, 2013 --( EduLib, a privately held software development company from Craiova, Romania, member of MuseGlobal Group, announces the release of the latest version of CERTivity KeyStores Manager – CERTivity 1.2, an improved version that provides new useful features, updates and bug fixes.

“CERTivity 1.2 is an incredibly enhanced version of our KeyStores Manager tool and it takes us one step closer to achieving our goal to offer to users complete solutions in the Public Key Infrastructure domain as well, making Cryptographic Keys Management and Digital Signing more accessible and more user friendly than ever through its easy to use and intuitive graphic interface,” said Mihai Popa, CEO at EduLib.

CERTivity 1.2 features viewing Certificate Singing Request (CSR) files and Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL) from local files or from remote locations using various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and even LDAP, new signature algorithms for Key Pair/CSR generation and for CSR signing, new Key Algorithms for Secret Key generation, support for file type inspection, more Fingerprints available in the Certificates Details sections, an improved certificates management in certificate chains, trust path validation and management via new options in the Options panel.

With the newest version of CERTivity the users have support for file type inspection, a useful feature given the many types of Cryptographic file types having various file extensions names not all of them recognized by operating systems. Also, CERTivity 1.2 provides improved certificates management in certificate chains, offering more flexibility allowing to add or remove the signer certificate from a chain.

“CERTivity 1.2 nearly doubles the number of features added in the previous version of CERTivity,” said David Dascalescu, CTO at EduLib. “In this new version of our Java solution we have concentrated on adding new features to improve both usability and the general overall experience to help development in the Enterprise domain by making more user-friendly the management of the SSL related infrastructure and operations.”

Certificate trust establishment is another domain made easier by this version of CERTivity. When importing a new certificate or a CA Reply, its trust path is attempted to be established using the trusted certificates from a series of TrustStores which can be selected or changed by the user at runtime via new options in the Options panel, together with several options for trust path validation.

To facilitate even more the user’s work CERTivity 1.2 has added many other features like simplifying the operation for signing a certificate and act as a test or in-house CA only with two clicks. Also, the selection of the country code contained in a Distinguished Name was standardized and new shortcuts for the System/Popup action and for the contextual menu have been added. More than this, drag and drop functionality for Certificates, CRLs, CSRs and KeyStores is now available and a Quick Search is now triggered by the keyboard input in the KeyStore panel allowing selective column search.

The new released version of the software tool has fixed issues found in the previous version, such as focus lost on File Chooser for unlocked Key Pairs/Private Keys on Linux. Also some corrections and uniformity were performed for some labels contained in the GUI.

“For CERTivity, as well as we do for all of our products regardless of the domain to which they refer to – from system administration or software development to Education and Library Information Discovery - the needs of the users come first and we will continue to put our efforts and creativity to work for providing new tools and enriching them with new features which will ease the work of our current and future customers,” said Mihai Popa, CEO at EduLib.

The new improvements and features offered by CERTivity 1.2 are available from EduLib at

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