Creates New Forex Technical Analysis Area

Forex technical analysis reports now available on

London, United Kingdom, May 17, 2013 --(, the UK based trading portal, has developed a new technical analysis area based on the most popular forex markets.

The new forex area is updated daily and covers the popular euro/dollar, sterling/dollar, dollar/yen, euro/sterling and dollar/Swiss franc markets.

The daily research comes from a number of different market analysts and covers both short-term trends as well as long-term market movements.

Each research article gives a snapshot of the technical levels such as where the market is likely to find "price support" or "price resistance."

Some market analysts review the support and resistance levels and try to predict the next direction of the market. Other analysts point out possible target levels and what could happen if the market moves unexpectedly.

According to Jenna Cutly, Editor at, technical analysis can be quick and convenient but users should still take care.

"Whilst we offer a range of both fundamental analysis and technical analysis, many of our readers prefer the latter. This is because, theoretically, with technical analysis, all the facts and data on a particular market are built into the price.

"The theory means that investors don't need to review the financial news, reports and fundamental market information as such elements are, in principle, already reflected in the price.

"However, while this analysis can be particularly convenient and fast, the primary negative is that it is predicated on historical data. Just because a particular forex market has been rising or falling, that does not necessarily mean it will continue to rise or fall.

"Investors should also remember that leveraged products like margined forex, CFDs and spread trading carry a high level of risk to their capital and it is possible to lose more than their initial investment."

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