My Quince Favors Helps Every Girl Become a Princess

Internet boutique to offer beautiful tiaras and scepters crafted especially for the Quinceanera fiesta.

Atlanta, GA, August 19, 2007 --( The Quinceanera is a time when Latina girls become princesses for a day and women forever after. Now, My Quince Favors helps celebrate every young woman's coming of age with a complete collection of breath-taking tiaras and scepters.

The Quinceanera is the ancient coming-of-age celebration for young Latina girls on their fifteenth birthday. During a traditional Thanksgiving Mass, the Quince girl's grandmother or godmother will sometimes crown the young girl with a tiara and scepter, commemorating her "ascension" into adulthood. The quince girl carries her royal accoutrement through the fiesta that follows, reigning as princess for the evening.

Elena Lachev of My Quince Favors says the company's line of tiaras and scepters mixes tradition with fashion. "Quince anos girls today want something that shows they're women of the world as well as of their heritage," she says. "We've made sure these accessories are perfectly suited for the hippest party as well as the most traditional Quince gala."

Many of the tiaras include sterling silver and rhinestone construction, in a design and setting which fuses modern "bling" style with classical structure and form. Some also include rhinestone "15" ornaments which can be removed later and used as pendants or keepsake buttons. The tiaras are named for ideas and objects modern teenaged girls can readily identify: the roller coaster, the little queen, and vintage elegance, among others.

As with the tiaras, the ceremonial scepters are durably constructed from sterling silver and crafted for just the right amount of vintage elegance and modern sass. The handles are 18" of sterling silver, while the ornaments – which range from the Victorian-themed to the heart-shaped – are a spacious 3" in diameter.

A selection of velvet and stain drawstring pouches are also available for the tiaras and scepters alike, and make a great keepsake gift pouch once the ceremonies conclude.

### offers unique Quinceanera favors and accessories, as well as gifts for the court. The company ships throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Visit for more information.
My Quince Favors
Chris Horton