Real Estate Times is Creating a Free and Transparent Realty Media for Professionals and Public

To leverage and strengthen their position as a serious player in the booming real estate market and contribute towards growth of property markets across South Asia, they have re-launched the news and listings portal: Real Estate Times -

New Delhi, India, August 26, 2007 --( Real Estate Times now have a new look and technology platform with lots of features for professionals and general public. They have new and fresh thoughts and a panel of unbiased Editors, Writers and Experts, as per RK Sharma, Cheif Editor, Real Estate Times. "Our site is updated daily to provide summary coverage on the most pressing and interesting international real estate news stories. We publish our own original content as well, written by both our staff and also outsides contributors", he added.

Not only an information distribution platform, Real Estate Times also provides an arena in which similarly interested individuals and organizations can learn about each other and develop an active community of peers through blogs and forums. "Real Estate Times features articles, news reports, property classifieds, reviews and special columns on the many facets that mark dramatic changes in real estate business of the Indian Subcontinent - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China", says Mr. Sharma. As per reports, the organized property segment is expected to grow from a mere 2% to 20% by the end of the decade.

According to Mr. Sharma, a hallmark feature of the site is its growing online community of nearly independent organizations dedicated to real estate and property business around the world, the largest such real estate community anywhere on the Web. They now offer it free for all to Publish Real Estate News, Press Releases, Market Conditions, Facilitate Estate Agent Marketing (MLS), Create Awareness among Realtors and policy makers, Run Publicity Campaigns, Showcase New Projects, Housing Tips, etc.

Since its launch, they have taken numerous unbiased steps to disseminate crucial knowledge and information to help retail investors and small real estate players get value for their hard-earned capital, and is committed to do so with more strength in the future, says Mr. Sharma.

One can find Frequently asked questions and answers about real estate. It is a free consumer advocate site giving you tips on buying new, used or second homes. "There is a serious lack of data and reliable sources of information and end consumers are always taken for a ride with many Web Portals, TV Channels and Traditional Media streaming the greener sides of bigger players and developers. The industry needs bold players who can help the middle-class buyers find right homes instead of creating hype and artificial value appreciations", says Mr. Sharma.

Apart from listings through and market news, they now have special New Projects, Events and Interview Sections. It sounds like a right step towards creating a free & transparent online publication news media to facilitate organized realty in South Asia, especially India.

R K Sharma