European Breakthrough Technology Now Available @ Rejuvee™

Rejuvee™, the brainchild of Dr. Bojana Matovski, develops and markets professional medical aesthetic and cosmetic devices, powered by the 3rd generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Perfected by Pluton Electronic, this technology powers a full line of clinically proven, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment platforms for wrinkles, cellulite, circumference reduction and skin tightening.

Riverdale, NY, May 21, 2013 --( Medical and aesthetic devices, Rejuvee™ offer patients & clients clinically proven, safe and effective anti-aging beauty treatments that deliver immediate and long-lasting results.

Pluton Electronic’s three major breakthrough technology are comprised of:
(1) Ultrasound Cavitation Exponential stimulation CAVITe
A non-surgical reduction of localized fat using a low-frequency ultrasound that is applied through the skin without any incisions or anesthesia. The results guarantee a loss of up to 2 cm in diameter in the area treated in each session.

(2) 3 Pol RF (3-Phase Radio Frequency) with blue light is the latest nonsurgical method of lifting face and body
This machine has seven digital programs and is very comfortable to work with. “When we say RF – radio wave lifting – we mean the stimulation of collagen and elastic fibers synthesis, which means that intercellular matrix hyaluronic acid, is the middle skin layer,” explains Dr. Matovski. “The target cell for this mechanism is the fibroblast, which due to aging ‘falls asleep.’ We re-stimulate these cells via an enzymatic system to synthesize collagen. This re-stimulation reinforces the dermis, giving the skin a new texture and reduces or fully eliminating wrinkles.”
Radio waves go deep into the dermis by accumulating locally. This method speeds up the local blood circulation, activates fibroblasts, and stimulates the creation of new collagen in the tissue. The effects are improved skin tone, texture, removal of cellulite, fat, etc.

“What’s so unique and new for the three-phase Radio Frequency is that is uses two special 3 Pol RF heads with blue light, one for face and another for the body,” explains Bojana, “we are the only company on the market that offer radio frequency with a blue light laser.”

(3) Meso sens therapy RF
Radio frequency (thermolipolysis) refers to high-frequency electrical currents. Meso sens therapy RF can be compared to Thermage working in biopolar Bio-stimulators radiofrequency, but Meso sens therapy RF, which provides the same results, is available for 15 times less the cost of the Thermage device.

Each patient/client is evaluated and is given a customized treatment formula. The tightening effects of the Meso sens therapy RF tightens the skin by directly heating the collagen causing it to contract and the combination with amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients therapy, offers superb results with the very first treatment. Dual virtual Meso sens therapy RF (electroporation and sonophoresis) refers to the increased absorption of active ingredients through the skin and into the fat and collagen cells (also known as needle-free Meso sens RF).

In addition to being the official Representatives of the Pluton Electronic Rejuvee™ issues a warranty card with a 12 months guarantee to every machine and device they carry.

“Why are we the best and the only company that does this?” asks Bojana, the Beauty Doctor. “Our company’s customer-centric approach places high value on long-term relationships, providing the highest levels of support and service and customer satisfaction.”

“Education goes hand in hand with our sales,” explains Dr. Matovski. “We offer extensive training with every purchase to assure safety and quality for patients and clients and the highest ROI for spas, salons or doctors’ offices.”

“Rejuvee™ hands-on workshops train students in technical theory who want to learn about these new technologies.” These workshops can be offered on site or at Beauty Studio Rejuvee in Riverdale, NY.

Rejuvee™ offers cosmetology and esthetician schools the opportunity to organize workshops for their students. We provide free informative classes, and students who complete the workshops have the opportunity to purchase the machines at affordable prices.

Rejuvee™ offers Online Certificate Programs. Online certification is becoming increasingly more common, and is accepted by the manufacturer and Rejuvee™ for safely using these new technologies on clients and patients.

1. 3rd generation radio frequency
2. Ultrasonic cavitation with Exponential stimulation
3. Meso sens therapy- RF
4. Laser PDT LISA Photo-dynamic Therapy
5. Electrotherapy Magic gloves

For more information contact of Rejuvee™ at

201 660 0321;

High resolution images of the machines and “before and after” pictures are available.

Dr. Bojana Matovski is available for interviews.

About Pluton Electronics:
Pluton electronic has been manufacturer electronic equipment for last 19 years. The company specializes in a full line of clinically proven, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment platforms for wrinkles, cellulite, circumference reduction and skin tightening.

About Dr. Bojana Matovski:
The “Beauty Doctor” holds a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Belgrade, the capital of former Yugoslavia. Bojana has studied with such leading providers as plastic surgeon, Dr. Jadran Dondic, Nenad Stepic; Dr.Zoran Stojcic, a maxilla-facial surgical specialist who has used Pluton Electronic at the Mayo Clinic; and at Jacksonville University Hospital, as well as with Dr. Zarko Borovic of Orea – Special Hospital for Plastic Reconstruction and Aesthetic Surgery. Because of her outstanding achievements Worldwide, Who’s Who in American Education 2012-13, recognized Bojana Matovski, as Owner, Trainer, and Educator of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, and in May 2012, the National Association of Professional Women named her Woman of the Year 2012/2013.
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