The Skin Games... Have Chosen Rejuvee's President & Founder Dr. Bojana Matovski as One of Their Judges for the Upcoming Competition

Skincare professionals come join the games and compete against your peers. - August 02, 2016

Team Rejuvee™ - Introducing RF Technology Information & Training in Spanish

Institute Rejuvee™ announced several additions to their faculty, including instructors who are conducting RF Technology in Spanish. - May 28, 2015

APA Alliance with Institute Rejuvee™ - Introducing Newest European Technology

APA & Institute Rejuvee™ signed an agreement to promote each others' programs. - February 19, 2015

Institute Rejuvee™ Introduces Newest European Technology

Continuing education is something the “Beauty Doctor” values very much – she does not only preach it, but is herself passionate about it. - December 30, 2014

Institute Rejuvee™ Approved Provider by COA

Continuing Education Units now available through Institute Rejuvee™. - April 21, 2014

REJUVEE™ Announces Quadro Polar RF

The next generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology is being introduced by Rejuvee™ in North America. This newest quadruple Radio Frequency device with blue light is a high-frequency generator with four poles that is extremely beneficial to the skin and tissue. The fourth pole produces a more pleasant feel to clients, and the treatment is better and longer lasting than the predecessor’s 3-Polar device. - September 14, 2013

European Breakthrough Technology Now Available @ Rejuvee™

Rejuvee™, the brainchild of Dr. Bojana Matovski, develops and markets professional medical aesthetic and cosmetic devices, powered by the 3rd generation Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Perfected by Pluton Electronic, this technology powers a full line of clinically proven, non-invasive and non-surgical treatment platforms for wrinkles, cellulite, circumference reduction and skin tightening. - May 21, 2013

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