Tumblr Purchase by Yahoo Could Impact Online Reputation Management, Says Recover Reputation

Important Information Reviled by Online Reputation Management Firm Recover Reputation About the Tumblr Purchase and Why it Matters to Repairing Online Reputations

New York, NY, May 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Yahoo just bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion, and could it impact online reputations, according to online reputation management firm, Recover Reputation.

Tumblr, a popular blog platform with the 100 million members, many in the 18 to 24 age group, is extremely helpful in managing, repairing and boosting online reputations.

However, this could change, warns Recover Reputation’s owner, Steven W. Giovinco.

“Tumblr is a great and fun way to connect to others, as well as being useful to manage your online reputation. With the recent Yahoo purchase, this could change if they attempt to monetize Tumblr, or tweak its success. If this happens, the current loyal followers could bolt for another platform, resulting in lowering your online reputation.”

Recover Reputation explains how an online reputation could be effected.

Search engines such as Google rank Tumblr very highly, often featuring Tumblr blogs on the first page of a search result. If Tumblr becomes less popular as the result of changes by Yahoo, a blog could move off the first page and negatively impact an online reputation.

Steven W. Giovinco explains further, “For example, let’s say a disgruntled ex-employee defames you by creating harmful posts. A site such as Tumblr can be extremely helpful in combating the negative item by pushing the bad blog post off the first page of Google. If Tumblr becomes less popular, that blog post now might appear on the second or third page of Google. This would be huge—and could hurt someone’s online reputation.”

Giovinco notes the possibility of Tumblr changing by looking at previous Yahoo acquisitions. “Flickr, the photo sharing site, which Yahoo purchased in 2005, seems to have been lost a bit. While it’s extremely popular and was considered revolutionary at the time, it’s facing other competitors that are easier to use or are geared towards mobile devices. Yahoo left Flickr and didn’t promote it."

It’s too early to tell with certainty what impact the Yahoo purchase will have for Tumblr and rest of the online communities, but there could be unintentional implications to online reputation management as a result.

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