New Explicit Book Causes Controversy; "Those Necessary Thorns" Sheds New Light on Taboo Subject Matters

Chicago, IL, May 22, 2013 --( In the first of her debut novel series, “Those Necessary Thorns” subtitled, Desiree Elizabeth Taylor, published by C & M Concepts, writer Sabrina Childress revives the taboo subject matters that have been swept under the rug or considered “normal” in today’s social scenes. The imagery in this book is so crystal-clear the reader feels as if s/he were watching a 3D movie instead of reading a book.

The story follows the main character, Desiree Elizabeth Taylor, through a frenzy of unexpected and unpredictable twist and turns, including her “own personal sexual revolution, you know, the kind that will not be televised.”

The overview: James made a mistake. Desiree made a decision. Raymond took interest. Tina took action. They all ended up with scars. There is an inevitable conflict between sacred law and moral truth, when real life is a thorn in your side. If love is a battlefield and we all get scars... These were my reminders…my necessary thorns... Meet Desiree Elizabeth Taylor. What happens when Desiree decides it’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission? {Adult themes} {Explicit Content}

“My books are what I like to call short, high octane reads. While the content of the first book in the series is very explicit, it is all very necessary to the story. Stick with it until the end and you will be eternally glad that you did!” Childress' contention is that, while cheating and jealousy have been in existence since time began, the problem starts with the current disconnect of woman refusing to speak candidly about its causes and effects without clichés and quick fixes. When religion refuses to acknowledge in public that the real problem is a community of people devastated by lack of understanding and necessity for “pretend perfection” all kinds of things happen.

Sabrina’s plot ideas are based on the current disconnect between “Life’s seemingly gray areas and moral conviction. While some experiences can be universal, others are not,” the author said. “You can always tell someone else what is right or wrong when you’ve not gone through the situation and been faced with a ‘this or that only’ option. There are a lot of taboo subjects that are being left out of the religious discussion and therefore causing a silent rebellion.”

The series will capture the shortcomings, struggles, temptations, and triumphs of relationships, perceptions, and expectations; challenging others to deal with the real issues of simply being human. The stories have their serious side, but show a lighter side as well. Childress’ writing is not only dramatic and candid; it also brings a fresh new perspective to her readers. There is power to her writing that is followed by an unyielding truth that comes out harsh but brilliant. She challenges these important issues and the way in which we view them and leaves readers speechless.

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Sabrina Childress-Miller is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois. ISBN/EAN13: 0615788602 / 9780615788609 Related Categories: Fiction / Romance / Adult

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