Solar Maid Lands Solar City Recommendation

Pittsburgh, PA, May 22, 2013 --( Solar City and Real Goods Solar, two of the nation’s largest residential solar leasing companies have tapped Solar Maid as the referral choice for their customers requesting solar panel cleaning.

As the summer quickly approaches, many solar system owners are asking, “Who can clean my solar panels to help increase productivity” and for those asking, the answer is simple. Solar Maid is the largest janitorial solar O&M provider in North America with over 50 local offices to serve the growing demand in the residential solar panel cleaning market.

Solar panel cleaning customers have many local options to choose from, but most feel more comfortable hiring a company with a decade of experience providing this specialized service to the residential, commercial, government and utility solar markets. “It’s not just about price because we are very competitive, customers want to know they are choosing a company that is going to provide superior service in a safe and efficient manner using industry leading equipment,” said Jay Welsh, Solar Maid’s General Manager.

Solar City & Real Goods Solar have become so impressed with the reputation and quality service offered by Solar Maid and its network of local operators, they have started recommending them to all of their customers. “It’s a tremendous vote of confidence to have two solar industry leaders recognize the quality of your work and then to be listed as the recommended provider on the web site of one of the fastest growing solar companies in North America is a huge honor,” according to Mr. Welsh.

Two things all residential solar system owners should consider, panels should be cleaned at least once per year and prevention of animals nesting under the panels is critical. In addition to the worry free panel cleaning that includes a complete preventative maintenance, visual inspection, Solar Maid offers professional installation of the Solar Maid Pest Stop®. Proper panel cleaning and animal guard installation must be done in accordance to the panel manufacturer warranty to avoid any long term problems, so it’s easy to understand why so many big name solar companies choose Solar Maid.
The Solar Maid Company
Jay Welsh