Dendrite Park Raring to Get Started on Skinfix Contest

Dendrite Park Inc, a digital marketing agency, is excited to announce its new partnership with Skinfix Inc. on the company’s upcoming baby photo contest.

Toronto, Canada, May 23, 2013 --( Skinfix Inc. has been producing and developing quality products for healthy skin treatment and maintenance for years now, and this contest is another attempt by the company to reach out to its dedicated users and have some fun. The contest itself will require users to submit their favorite baby photos to the company over the contest period, with the submitter of the winning shot being chosen as the recipient of a $500 gift card to the Apple Store.

Dendrite Park Inc. ( has been placed in charge of the organization, roll out, and execution of the contest, and will be developing a comprehensive digital strategy for introducing the contest and promoting it effectively to users. Dendrite Park has been lauded for its experience in designing and implementing these types of social outreach and customer-oriented clients in the past, and the firm is ready and willing to unveil this latest promotion on behalf of Skinfix Inc. ( Team members at Dendrite Park Inc. are excited and enthusiastic about getting to work on this project, and anticipate a wildly successful venture for their partners at Skinfix Inc.

About Dendrite Park:
Dendrite Park ( is a Toronto-based digital agency, which offers consultation and services in a number of web development and design areas. Some areas of particular specialization for the firm include social media marketing, web design and layout, mobile development and design, website analytics, SEO (search engine optimization) among others. The firm has worked with numerous partner companies and clients in the past, and Skinfix Inc. is just the latest to utilize Dendrite Park Inc.'s comprehensive knowledge and service base to help grow its digital presence.
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