Stephen L. Green ‘59 Student Paper Competition Winners Announced at Hartwick College

Oneonta, NY, May 23, 2013 --( On May 9, 2013, The Stephen L. Green American Governance Award Presentation was held in the Eaton Lounge of Bresee Hall on the Hartwick College campus.

For the second time in three years, all Hartwick College students were invited to participate in "The Stephen L. Green American Governance Paper Competition," through which they could submit a proposal in response to a problem statement surrounding the government's role in health care.

Stephen L. Green '59 is founder and Chairman of the Board of SL Green Realty Corp., a publicly traded real estate investment trust that is New York's largest commercial landlord. To deliver the awards to the winners, Green traveled to Oneonta to meet the students and to discuss their essays. During the presentation, five contest winners were announced, including:

First Place: Tie between Rio Dhat '14 and Ed Newman '15

Third Place: Daniel Dunn '13

Fourth Place: Carrie Gauthier '13

Fifth Place: John Stuligross '13

"Steve Green understands that leadership in a Democracy requires informed and thoughtful participation," said Hartwick College President Dr. Margaret L. Drugovich. "This essay competition asks Hartwick students to research and think deeply about questions that are relevant to a modern, well-functioning Democracy. Steve's generosity has provided the perfect learning platform for developing engaged citizens. What a transformative gift to Hartwick students."

Fourteen students from a diverse range of majors were selected to participate in this contest through a competitive process as judged by Hartwick College Professor of Nursing Dr. Penny Boyer and Professor of Political Science Dr. Mary Vanderlaan. These 14 students included:

Stefan Bishop '13 - Major: Development Sociology
Rio Dhat '14 - Major: Economics
Kyle Dinga '14 - Major: Business
Daniel Dunn '13 - Major: Psychology
Carrie Gauthier '13 - Major: Sociology
Bryce Leary '14 - Major: Political Science
Megan McGregor '14 - Major: Political Science
Alyssa Pearson '13 - Majors: Political Science and Business Administration
Ed Newman '15 - Major: Nursing
Eleanor Prisco '13 - Majors: Art History and Political Science
Molly Schewe '14 - Majors: Math and Economics
John Stuligross '13 - Major: Biology
Rob Tracey '14 - Majors: Political Science and Philosophy
Ilona van der Ven '13 - Major: Nursing

From these students, faculty judges Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Amy Forster Rothbartand Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Karl Seeley were tasked with selecting the top essays. Green and his brother, Mark Green also had the opportunity to read and rank the papers.

The Stephen L. Green American Governance Award contest prizes totaled $6,000. The authors who tied for the top paper were each given a $2,000 cash prize. The third runner-up was awarded a $1,000 cash prize, and fourth and fifth runners-up were each awarded a $500 cash prize.

"In completing their essays, students had the opportunity to sharpen and showcase their writing and critical thinking skills, and have also come away from this experience as more informed and engaged citizens in our democracy," said Hartwick College Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Laurel Elder.

This paper competition, which Green has now endowed, was founded because he is interested in effective government and providing students with the opportunity to think critically about important issues facing our nation. The contest is scheduled to continue on a biennial basis moving forward.

For additional information about the essay competition, contact Elder at 607-431-4887 or
Hartwick College
Valerie Capullo