Couple Wins 83 Prizes in One Month

Oshawa, Canada, August 21, 2007 --( She has been studying the law of attraction, made famous by the book The Secret for more than 20 years, which proved itself once again in July 2007 as Carolyn Wilman, and her husband Craig Borysowich, won more than $2,000 in prizes. They consider themselves to be sweepstake enthusiasts and win an average of 15 prizes every month. However, July was different. They won a total of 83 prizes from 16 contests valued at $2,023.

How did they do it? Wilman explained, “Mid-June, we began to enter a daily text messaging promotion. Each of us began winning a song a day. Some may say a $1 song is a small win, but to me any win is exciting and I saw a possibility. I calculated if we each won a song a day, plus our usual wins, we could have an unprecedented 75 wins for July. Our previous record was 33 wins. In August 2005 we intended to have a ‘perfect month’, one win for each day and we did. We knew we had done it before, so with the Law of Attraction, we could do it again.”

Ms. Wilman, author of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter, also credits her success to her contesting friends. “There is an entire community of sweepstakers and contestors. We meet online, at club meeting and at conventions. Conventions are the best way to hear speakers talk about different aspects of the hobby along with getting new tips and tricks from fellow attendees.”

She believes in sharing the luck, fun and excitement so much she is on the main volunteer committee for the 1st Annual National Contestors Convention being held in Toronto this September. “There have been 18 such conventions in the United States and it was time to have one in Canada. It is wonderful that people are attending from across Canada and the US so the pool of contesting knowledge is vast.”

Contests and sweepstakes as a marketing tool are on the upswing. Companies are using one, or a combination of the five, entry methods: in-person, phone-in, mail-in, online and text messaging to make potential customers aware of their products or services. “There are so many sweepstakes running at any given time it is impossible to enter them all. There is and abundance of prizes for everyone. Since it only takes one to win, why not try,” Wilman says. She should know. She has been entering promotions on a daily basis for over five years and has accumulated more than $100,000 in cash and prizes.

So what did they win in July? “We ended up with a total of 65 music downloads, a DVD, a $20 gift card, two sets of theatre tickets, a cellphone, a children’s game prize pack, a SIM backup device, an Xbox 360 along with a game, seven baseball caps, two sets of movies passes, stickers, and two tickets to a Toronto FC soccer game. What a great month,” Wilman exclaimed.


About Carolyn Wilman:
Carolyn Wilman has worked in sales and marketing for over two decades. She is founder of Imagination Edge Inc. ( a promotional consulting business, a co-founder of the Canadian Contestors Association ( and on the main volunteer committee of the 1st Annual National Contestors Convention ( She is also the author of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. Known as the official Contest Queen, Ms. Wilman enters several hundred contests and sweepstakes each month.

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Enter (Canadian Edition) is available to order online at,,,,,, and through wholesale and retail channels worldwide. The American Edition is currently being written and will be available November 1st 2007.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Wilman at or 416.410.7517.

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