Stradalli Cycle Sees Possibility of Redemption as It Offers Consultancy Role to Levi Leipheimer

Stradalli Cycle categorically condemns all and any kind of substance abuse or cheating, however it also believes in second chances. In an unprecedented move the carbon bicycle maker has offered Levi Leipheimer a job.

Pompano Beach, FL, May 24, 2013 --( In an extraordinary gesture of redemption, Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon bicycle manufacturer, has today offered Levi Leipheimer the position of testing and design consultant for Stradalli's new product line.

Although Stradalli Cycle wholly condemns the use of all and any banned substances, the company believes that Leipheimer’s professional cycling experience would make him an expert design and testing consultant.

In life and in sport there should always be a second chance. Everyone should be offered the opportunity for redemption, a shot at a new beginning. It is without question that Leipheimer acted wrongly, but his failures shouldn’t mark the end.

The current USADA doping episode has brought a cloud over the world of professional cycling. Levi has been fired by the Omega Pharma / Specialized team as a result of his cheating. However everyone deserves a second chance.

During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Leipheimer underlined his commitment to drug free racing and stated that the last five years of his race career have been clean and without drugs.

Stradalli’s hope is that Levi’s many years of experience and expertise as a professional cyclist and a racer can be put to good use as a design and testing consultant. This offer reflects Stradalli’s desire to give Levi an opportunity for a brighter future, but without denying his past.

“Anyone who has faced problems, even those brought about by their own misguided actions, understands the need for hope and for change,” said Thomas Steinbacher, CEO of Stradalli. “As a consultant Levi’s expertise would be invaluable and we would value his insights as we develop our next generation of bicycles.”

Stradalli Cycle has made an official job offer to Levi Leipheimer for an undisclosed amount. His response is not yet known.

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