Binary Interbank - Binary Options Platform is Offering More Supported Languages and Presenting More Exciting Features is one of the fastest growing binary options broker in the international market today. The brand is constantly adding new innovative features and updating their asset list.

London, United Kingdom, May 25, 2013 --( New Currency Pairs traders have always been able to sign up and trade their currency pairs of choice. The wide selection of currencies previously included USD, EUR, JPY and GBP. Now the selection has expanded; traders can trade and execute trades on more currency pairs such as the New Zealand dollar (NZD) and Canadian dollar (CAD) currencies as well. The variety of currencies appeals to binary options traders who prefer to trade on their domestic currency, as they tend to be the most up to date on their own national news.

More Supported Languages now provides around the clock support in English, Polish and Arabic, with the most recent addition of Indian. The advanced platform is easily accessible and open to international traders. The Asia server has recently been upgraded to facilitate thousands of new Asian traders seeking to gain profits.

Updated Market News

The market news section has been completely redesigned. The news is presented in an appealing layout for easy reading of the most relevant financial updates in the binary options industry today. Daily, weekly and monthly news is consistently provided by the binary options broker to their clients to ensure that their traders are fully educated on the latest market movements. now provides a detailed financial calendar, complete with daily economic events and fundamental analysis. The calendar consists of specific forecasts relating to each particular financial event. This is a valuable resource for binary options traders, as they can evaluate trends in the market and make accurate trading predictions.

Binaryinterbank was founded in January, 2012 and is headquartered in Cyprus with offices in London, Dubai, Dublin, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Amman.
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