Delphinol Clinically Proven in the Mainenance of Glucose Balance

Researchers at the Universidad Austral De Chile discovered that Delphinol, a standardized extract of maqui Berries can control sugar absorption by a novel mechanism of action.

Bradenton, FL, May 24, 2013 --( Overeating and lack of physical exercise is turning into a global pandemia with metabolic syndrome as a hallmark and type II diabetes representing the fastest growing disease. The present lifestyle makes it difficult to turn to healthier lifestyles that include improved dietary control and regular physical activity. In this context, polyphenols from berries, fruits and vegetables have shown at large to contribute to a healthier blood sugar control and maintain body weight within normal limits. Typically the plant polyphenols slow-down absorption of dietary starch, releasing the glucose less rapidly into the blood stream by impairing the activity of digestive enzymes, such as alpha-amylase and alpha glucosidase.

Most recently, researchers at the Universidad Austral de Chile discovered that Delphinol®, a standardized extract of Maqui berries (NLT 25% delphinidins) indigenous to Chile, can control sugar adsorption by a novel mechanism of action. The researchers found that the isolates and extract prepared from wild-growing Maqui berries, inhibited Na+-dependent glucose transport (SGLT-1) and stimulated incretin secretion. The regulation of SGLT-1 involves a postprandial mechanism, followed by a recruitment of glucose transporter GLUT-2, which depends on the levels of sugars in the intestinal lumen. Interestingly, the activity of SGLT-1 and GLUT-2 is increased in type II diabetes.

Besides, in a phase I pilot study, Delphinol® was able to decrease the postprandial glucose and plasma insulin in patients with impaired glucose tolerance, modifying the shape of the curves for insulin and glucose, suggesting its potential use for prediabetic patients and as well in diseases associated to impaired carbohydrate metabolism. Volunteers were assigned to one of two groups, either receiving 200 mg Delphinol® or placebo. Thirty minutes later, 75 grams rice was given and the post-prandial blood glucose and insulin were monitored. While the placebo-treated group presented the typical rapid rise of glucose and insulin, the group given Delphinol® had only marginally increasing blood glucose and insulin levels over a period of one hour. After 90 minutes glucose and insulin rose to limited extent to then finally drop to baseline levels again. The results of this study present encouraging news for people who need to control their blood sugar and insulin levels. Delphinol®, exclusively available from Maqui New Life, is a safe and totally natural dietary supplement, under continuous research for identifying health benefits to consumers.

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Jara E et al. Studies of standardized extract of Maqui fruit rich in Delphinidins (Delphinol®) in the maintenance of glucose balance. Submitted 2013
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