New Author, Cheri Blossum, Pens "Secrets & Seduction," a Modern Erotic Romance

No stranger to the real world of eroticism, Cheri Blossum's new novel, "Secrets & Seduction" strikes quite a few resounding chords around the internet.

Astoria, NY, May 25, 2013 --( Written in Stone is pleased to announce publication of Secrets & Seduction, an erotic thriller/romance where the action jumps from the computer screen into real life. Publisher Maura Stone explains, "I wrote The Complete eDating Advice Comedy Series which addresses catfish, scammers and Damaged Goods. Cheri Blossum's novel puts everything from my book into context. As unbelievable as the story, it has a ring of reality."

Secrets & Seduction is a contemporary tale of obsessions, fetishes, sex and romance from the web that pours into real life. "You never know who the person truly is behind the screen even after you meet them in real life," said Ms. Blossum. "Now that people want a quick fix, even in romance, they don't find out until too late who they got involved with. Kinds of people who they wouldn't ever meet in life. Or would care to."

Ms. Blossum's no stranger to the erotic side. She and her husband were porn stars in the 1990's. "The money we earned paid for my husband's degrees," she stated. They stopped filming when he graduated with a PhD. Today, he's the world's leading herpetologist. Husband and wife team travel overseas seeking rare and exotic reptiles and snakes to add to their collection.

Secrets & Seduction is now offered on smashwords at $4.99
Written in Stone
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