Touch MD and MyMedLeads Team Up to Offer Medical Practices the Ultimate Patient Conversion Solution

Leading patient relationship tools MyMedLeads and TouchMD work together to provide medical practices with a full-featured, automated system for converting more leads into paying patients.

Austin, TX, May 27, 2013 --( The need for a seamless, automated infrastructure to manage and convert patients has led many physicians to adopt powerful patient conversion systems such as MyMedLeads and TouchMD. This dynamic medical software duo provides doctors’ offices with everything they need to streamline the lead management process and enable a seamless patient conversion sales channel.

MyMedLeads is a web-based lead management tool that allows medical practices to capture and track marketing Return On Investment (ROI) on 100% of incoming leads. Featuring a powerful suite of timesaving and productivity-boosting tools, MyMedLeads focuses on refining and optimizing the initial phase of getting leads to schedule a visit. The system integrates with virtually any online lead source and provides call-tracking phone numbers to track offline advertising. Powerful ROI and staff performance reports give doctors a clear view of where improvements can be made and where future marketing dollars should be invested. MyMedLeads gives front office staff access to numerous tools that eliminate tedious data entry while automating the marketing process.

Once leads have been nurtured and converted into a consultation via MyMedLeads, the baton is then handed off to TouchMD. TouchMD utilizes interactive education software to provide patients with an engaging and informative experience when they visit the doctor. Easy to navigate touchscreens placed in consultation rooms allow patients to view topic driven educational information about the process or procedure they are interested in. This turns previously frustrating wait time into a productive experience, equipping patients with the information they need to communicate more effectively with their physician. Additionally, TouchMD software will collect and store consultation information in its database, allowing patients to review information later when they get home via a web portal. The result is a positive consultation experience, enhanced doctor/patient relationships and an increase in the number of closed consultations.

Together, Touch MD and MyMedLeads form a complete, start-to-finish patient conversion system that automates workflow while improving the patient experience.

About TouchMD

Touch MD provides an interactive experience while educating patients in the exam room. TouchMD is the leading developer in educating patients, recording valuable information and allowing patients to revisit their diagnosis/solution on the Internet. This state-of-the-art system enhances doctor-patient relationships. Currently, TouchMD offers product lines in Plastics, OBGYN, Dermatology and Orthopedics and continues to grow and develop other specialties. TouchMD is patent pending. More information about TouchMD can be found at

About MyMedLeads

MyMedLeads is a lead management tool that integrates with your marketing to capture 100% of leads, manage used by medical practices to convert leads into patients. This tool helps office staff manage incoming 'leads' until the prospect is ready to schedule a consultation. MyMedLeads easily integrates with your website to help manage appointments and prevent no-shows. Call 512-301-9715 or visit for more information.
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