Service2Media Completes Implementation of Mobile App Development and Management Platform, M2Active to SNS REAAL

Amersfoort, Netherlands, May 27, 2013 --( After the successful introduction of the "SNS Banking" app, SNS REAAL’s own development department rolled out two more brand new variant apps, "ASN Banking" and "RegioBank." Service2Media’s M2Active platform was deployed for the development and management of these apps.

In 2012, Service2Media developed the "SNS Banking" app for SNS REAAL. Following this, a mobile app development and management infrastructure was implemented based on Service2Media’s App Lifecycle Platform – M2Active. The purpose of this development environment was to enable SNS REAAL to develop and manage its own cross-platform apps, in a phased approach. Under the motto "show, do together, do yourself," Service2Media withdrew in a step-wise and controlled manner, leaving the development environment fully in the hands of SNS REAAL. Today, a year after the introduction of the first SNS Banking app, this has been realized. The development infrastructure is staffed by trained and certified SNS REAAL employees, with Service2Media merely providing coaching.

"We see the trend that more large businesses are choosing a platform in order to develop apps themselves," says Geert Kolthof, CEO of Service2Media. "Our enterprise grade platform, M2Active, was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing, often complex IT processes within companies. This creates an efficient and future-proof method for making apps, in which the high quality technology of the Service2Media platform is used to build knowledge in-house and effectively secure and utilize this knowledge within the company."

An important principle in the design of the "SNS Banking" app is that it serves as a basis for similar apps for SNS REAAL’s subsidiary brands. It is therefore, a generic "multi-label" app that can be converted to match the design, branding, look-and-feel and any additional functional requirements of the subsidiaries. The first two apps to have benefited from this are the apps of SNS REAAL’s subsidiaries, ASN and RegioBank. These apps are already available in the app stores.

Service2Media’s M2Active platform enables SNS REAAL to develop apps that are suitable for deploying to multiple mobile operating systems and devices. Use is made of only one source code, which makes the development process a lot faster, simpler and more robust than developing applications for each operating system separately. Another benefit to this approach is that complex components such as security and back-end integration can be re-used, and are therefore valuable components for the rapid development of future apps.

About Service2Media
Service2Media is a Dutch company that delivers enterprise grade development and management solutions for apps on mobile devices. The company was founded in 2005, and has over 150 employees. The organization has offices in the Netherlands, UK, Spain, USA and UAE.

Service2Media’s M2Active makes it possible to develop reliable, large-scale, and cost-effective apps, and deploy and manage them on all mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Service2Media assists in setting up the development infrastructure in the enterprise environment, and provides education, training and certification for the use of M2Active.

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