The Platform Company Join BBC Flood Documentary Team

Hull, United Kingdom, August 22, 2007 --( The UK’s largest independent powered access provider, The Platform Company, was recently called upon by the BBC to help with the filming of a documentary. Following the recent floods in Hull, a 21 metre self-propelled boom was specified to provide cameramen with an aerial filming point over the affected areas.

The Platform Company’s Leeds area sales manager Samantha Armitage said: “The Nifty HR21 boom provided the perfect access solution for a quite unusual task. The BBC required a machine that allowed a solid filming platform with ample space for an operative, a cameraman and the substantial amount of equipment required for a days filming. Many of the shots were also filmed whilst moving, so it was also important that the boom maintained a steady motion whilst these “sweeping” shots were executed.”

It is estimated that the June floods affected 16000 homes, or one in 10 households in Hull, and to repair the damage done to schools, public housing, doctors surgeries, roads and leisure centres could cost more than £200 million. The documentary “Hull – The Forgotten City” will be aired at 7.30pm, Wednesday 25th July, on BBC1.

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