Worktank Livestreams Its First Wedding for Same-Sex Couple

Worktank Weddings announced today its new offering of livestreaming wedding ceremonies.

Seattle, WA, May 26, 2013 --( Worktank Weddings announced today its new offering of livestreaming wedding ceremonies, in support of the passage of Referendum 74 in Washington State. R74 was passed on November 6, 2012 and a month later, same-sex couples were legally allowed to get married. This was a dream come true for out-of-staters Josh and Cody from Arkansas, where civil unions and same-sex marriages are unlawful. Though Arkansas’ constitutional law will not recognize Josh and Cody’s marriage from Washington, they were still committed to celebrating this momentous occasion in a state that would support them. They chose Seattle as their wedding destination of choice.

While most of Cody’s family came to the celebration, Josh’s family did not because of differing viewpoints about his relationship with Cody. Josh told Worktank that livestreaming his wedding will help “raise visibility to the fact that Cody and I are like any other two adults who love each other and want to get married.” They “virtually” invited all their friends and family members who couldn’t make it, so they could still witness and share in this amazing day.

Two days before the wedding, Cody’s mom became ill and couldn’t fly. Worktank Weddings saved the day and ensured Cody’s mom did not miss this opportunity of a lifetime. Cody explained, “It was so important to me for her to be able to watch the wedding.” It wasn’t just the couple who were extremely touched by Worktank Weddings’ livestreaming ability. Josh and Cody’s wedding planner, Rebecca Iverson, said, “it was a special moment for [Cody’s] out of town mother to be able to be there,” supporting her son. Guests attending online left touching messages in the virtual guest book as they watched the ceremony from home. One of the couple’s grandmothers tearfully wrote in the comments, “Finally got with it and got online to see the wedding. [It brought] tears to our eyes too. Even Dante the dog felt the love in the air and had things to say. So happy we could join in to see your wedding!” Customers can now stream their wedding live to friends and relatives across the globe so no one has to miss out on this once in a lifetime moment.

You can view the on-demand video of Josh and Cody's wedding here:

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