Release of an Electric Catalog Application for Quality Leather Products

An electric catalog application Sankyo Shokai (iPhone edition) which allows users to browse and purchase about 50,000 leather articles such as real-leather purses, bags, fur and leather is now released. The application ensures quick and easy browse and purchase at any place and any time.

Tokyo, Japan, May 29, 2013 --( Sankyo Shokai Co. Ltd. which manages stores specializing in bags, fur, and leather (Jyunichi Tokuyama, CEO, Head office: Minoh City, Osaka), and Mobile Produce Office Inc. which supports sales and profit-increase for e-commerce websites (Noritsugu Iwamizu, CEO, Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo), together announce the release of the electronic catalog application "Sankyo Shokai" (iPhone Edition) today. The application enables users to browse and purchase from one of the largest catalogs in Japan; the catalog application contains about 50,000 items such as women's fashion items of fur, leather, and mouton, and real leather (crocodile, ostrich, python) bags and purses.

(The application connected to e-commerce websites allows users to browse and purchase more quickly than using websites)

Dealing in natural leather articles for more than 50 years since established, Sankyo Shokai Co. Ltd. supplys more than 50,000 leather purses, leather bags, fur and leather. The Sankyo Shokai application allows users to browse all the products anytime and anywhere, by turning over the product images easily and quickly like reading e-books. Once users found items they like, they can purchase them right away. Users can also use "Favorite" function to list up items they selected for further consideration. There are also special offers and limited items exclusively delivered to users who downloaded the application through push notifications.

Features of the application

・Display the latest information
・Display items by product category
・Purchase items (by connecting to external e-commerce websites)
・Display new items
・Put items into "Favorite"
・Push notifications

(The application always delivers the latest information by connecting to the e-commerce websites)

This application is connected to external e-commerce websites to keep users updated with the latest information about products.

How to download the application
App Store → Catalog →Top Free →Sankyo Shokai

- The application also can be found by searching "Sankyo Shokai"


About Sankyo Shokai
Sankyo Shokai has been in wholesale business for fifty years since established. Directly importing from overseas, the company has supplied products that satisfy customers' needs. Based on the company's expertise in wholesale business, women's fashion items of fur, leather, mouton and also real leather (crocodile, ostrich, python, etc.) bags and purses are directly imported from manufactures without brokerage fee. For this reason, quality leather items are available for customers in better prices at the official shop of Sankyo Shokai.

"Appreciate every single customers we meet, and sincerely supply quality products in better prices." - this has always been the consistent policy of the company since they established. Products sold at the company are made of leather that comes from animals raised under wildlife conservation policies and legally imported under "CITES" (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

About Mobile Produce Office, Inc.
Mobile Produce Office .inc provides services to support sales and profit-increase for e-commerce websites. The company's motto "We are all individuals with individual approaches" has been reflected on their flexible system fits to each companies running e-commerce websites. The company offers data analysis, tactical planning for sales and profit-increase, planning and development of smartphone applications, and system development for sales-increase with less management burden.

Company Profiles
Company Name: Sankyo Shokai Co. Ltd.
Year of Establishment: 19 March, 1970
Representative: Junichi Tokuyama, CEO
Head Office (Address): 2-15, 1 cho-me, Hakushima, Minoh City, Osaka, Japan

Business Contents: Retail and wholesale of fur and leather products, management of retail stores.

Company Name: Mobile Produce Office inc.
Year of Establishment: 3 December, 2008
Representative: Noritsugu Iwamizu, CEO
Head Office (Address): Cerulean Tower 15th Floor, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Business Contents: Services for e-commerce websites including consulting for sales improvement, producing of websites, system development, movie clip distributions, planning and development of smartphone applications.
Mobile Produce Office ,inc
Noritsugu Iwamizu
Cerulean Tower 15th Floor, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-8512