No More Confusion - Unit Converter Free App for Android is Here

Unit Converter App for Android has become available for download in the Google Play store and other Android Marketplaces.

Nis, Serbia and Montenegro, May 30, 2013 --( Peaksel LLC presents a new application for Android that will help people convert the units of measurement without problems and make their life easier.

Unit Converter is a useful tool application. It is easy to use and well designed for everybody who needs some help with measures. All the units are grouped into various categories that people usually use in everyday life such as time, speed, length, pressure, mass or temperature converter. When the category is selected, there are a lot of units that can be converted and calculated.

School can be more interesting now, because there is no need to spend all day calculating the measures for an assignment. This app is made for all the students who have problems with math and physics and all the people who need to convert from Imperial System to Metric system of measurement and vice versa. With Unit Converter there is also a possibility to convert units into smaller and bigger ones.

“Life is already complicated enough and there is no room for boring conversions from inches to meters, kilometers to miles and things like that,” said Aleksandra, project manager of the company. “It’s confusing to watch TV shows from England or US about cars or weight loss when you have to convert pounds to kilograms and miles to kilometers all the time, but now, it’s a lot easier for me to enjoy when I have a Unit Converter app,” she added.

Download this app from Google Play:
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