Meet New Compression Solutions in B1 Free Archiver v1.1.45

B1 Free Archiver, fast and effective compression utility, releases its new 1.1.45 version. B1 Archiver now supports new file formats, enables direct editing in archive and can be used from a command line interface. Translated into more than 30 languages.

New York, NY, May 30, 2013 --( B1 Free Archiver, simple and fast compression utility, announces the release of its new 1.1.45 version. B1 Archiver v1.1.45 works with more file formats, enables direct editing in archive and is accessible through the command line interface. The program is now available in more than 30 languages.

B1 Free Archiver always tries to be one step ahead in anticipating its users’ wishes and this release is not an exception. Direct editing in the archive is now available. If you want to edit or change any file contained in the archive you don’t have to extract this file or the whole archive and then pack it back after all the changes have been made. 1.1.45 version enables users to edit files and saves all the changes in the archive.

Having considered all desires and tips expressed in all kinds of feedback from its users B1 Free Archiver now works with more than 20 file formats. It decompresses not only zip, rar, 7z and b1 files, but also gzip, tar.gz, tar.bz2, ISO and others. Strenuous work on other formats is in progress.

Introduction of the command-line interface will come in really useful for advanced computer users, system administrators, developers and all those involved into script writing. CLI is indispensable in case you need to automate actions like compressing or archiving, backup or copying, which are to be performed regularly.

Adam Buyer, project leader at B1 says:

“The 1.1.45 release came out full of major improvements such as direct editing in archive, support of new formats and introduction of CLI. But there has always been room for smaller tweaks which always make a difference. We improved user interface across all the platforms, added handy 'Extract' button to the toolbar and made our dialogs shorter and easier. All this delivers extremely smooth action flow and even more intuitive interface.”

“Another great news is that B1 Free Archiver has become a real polyglot now. Thanks to our dear volunteer translators B1 is now available in Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Macedonian, Portuguese and other languages. I am really grateful to everyone who spent their time and effort and contributed to our project. Our translators have done a great work, but we didn’t stay idle too. We have been constantly improving B1 Archiver with new functions and options. So now we have new phrases and strings which are already waiting for someone to come and translate them. If you too want to help us and thus become a part of something great (which B1 Archiver obviously is) please visit I am also really grateful to our partners from, who generously provide us with such a nice translation platform.”

About B1:
Launched in 2011, B1 Free Archiver remains the most friendly and simple software to open and create archives. B1 supports many compression formats (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gz) as well as its own b1 format. It works on all popular platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and as a web-application. B1 Free Archiver is 100% free for both personal and commercial use.
Andrew Jenkins