Success for First Get.A.Voice Foundation Gala

Get.A.Voice aims to empower youth to end social cruelty in their schools. The Get.A.Voice program has been successfully implemented in local Long Island schools and the fundraiser this release refers to was held to help launch a national campaign for Get.A.Voice.

Miller Place, NY, May 30, 2013 --( Get.A.Voice, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth to end social cruelty in their schools, hosted its first fundraising gala on May 2, 2013 at the Thatched Cottage in Centerport, NY. More than 50 donors and sponsors, and over 100 guests helped to make this gala a fundraising success.

All monies raised by the gala will be used to launch the Get.A.Voice national campaign as well as the parent component of Get.A.Voice, called Moms and Dads for Get.A.Voice. To help memorialize this launch, former NFL player and social responsibility advocate, Mr. Don McPherson, was honored at the gala and spoke to the guests about the need for social and cultural change in our schools. Further emphasizing how necessary this cause is to the health of our country, Suffolk Country representative from the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mr. Scott Martella, delivered and read a formal letter of appreciation from Governer Cuomo to Get.A.Voice for its dedication to children and teaching them of the obligation to eradicate bullying from their buildings.

Local media, including News12, recognized the importance of Get.A.Voice for our local youth and covered the event. Entertainment was provided by the very talented Get.A.Voice spokeswoman and American Idol participant, Leah Laurenti. The evening included dinner, raffles, and a silent auction. Get.A.Voice founder, Dr. Laurie Mandel, says of the gala “the event was even more successful than we anticipated. Not only were we able to raise money to help launch the Get.A.Voice national campaign, but we were able to further embed the message of Get.A.Voice into our Long Island community through our guests, speakers and media partners. We now have more advocates of the program than ever before.”

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Laurie Mandel, Get.A.Voice aims to inspire and empower youth to use their voices, hearts, and talents to say and do what’s right to end social cruelty. They partner with schools and youth organizations, support peer-led initiatives, and provide education, tools, and resources to create kinder, compassionate cultures. Get.A.Voice is a recognized 501 (c) (3) public charity. For more information about the Get.A.Voice program or to learn how to Get.A.Voice in your school, please contact Dr. Mandel at
Dr. Laurie Mandel