New Release of Stonefield Query SDK Version 4.3.4878 Reporting Software

New Release of Stonefield Query SDK Version 4.3.4878 from Stonefield Software Inc. is mostly a maintenance release, but there are a few new features.

Orlando, FL, May 30, 2013 --( Stonefield Query SDK Version 4.3.4878 is mostly a maintenance release, but there are a few new features.

•If you add "KeepLog=N" to Data.INI, Stonefield Query creates separate diagnostic files with a timestamp as part of the filename so individual logs are created for each run.
•You can now use detail header and footer bands in templates.
•Stonefield Query now creates a default filename when emailing reports.
•You can now specify what "mail mode" to use when emailing via SMTP. This is helpful if problems arise with some types of SMTP servers.
•Emailing each group in a report to separate email addresses now continues to send even if one or more of the addresses is invalid if the Continue Running Reports if Cannot Connect or One Report Fails setting is turned on in the Options dialog.
•Administrator users can now edit any report even if it has security so it's only accessible to one user.
•The New Project Wizard now defaults to your Documents folder so projects are created there by default and adds the project name to that folder.
•French messages have been updated to the current version of Stonefield Query.

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