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New Business Radio Series -- The CEO Show with Robert Reiss -- Launches Nationally on 9/2/2007 with Bernie Marcus, Home Depot Co-Founder and CEO

The CEO Show with Robert Reiss presents in-depth interviews with leading CEO's about exceptional customer service. The radio show will be broadcast into 36 markets across the U.S. each week, hosted by Robert Reiss, President of Reissource, LLC. Recent CEO's interviewed include: Bruce Mosler, Cushman & Wakefield; David Neeleman, Jet Blue; James Quigley, Deloite & Touche; William Lauder, Estee' Lauder; Simon Cooper, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.; Jay Walker, Walker Digital; Carolyn Kepler, Carolyn & Co.

Ridgefield, CT, August 21, 2007 --( New Business Radio Series -- The CEO Show with Robert Reiss -- Launches Nationally on September 2, 2007 with Bernie Marcus, Home Depot Co-Founder and CEO.

Bernie Marcus, Co-Founder and CEO of Home Depot for almost two decades, will share in depth what it takes to build a great service organization in America, on the national debut of The CEO Show with Robert Reiss airing on Sept. 2, 2007.

The CEO Show with Robert Reiss is the only business radio series in America devoted exclusively to sharing powerful stories about reinventing industry through exceptional customer service as told in 20 plus minute interviews with America’s top CEOs. Recent show guests include: David Neeleman, Founder & Chairman Jet Blue; Simon F. Cooper, President The Ritz Carlton Organization; and James H. Quigley, CEO Deloitte & Touche.

Hosted by customer service guru Robert Reiss, The CEO Show with Robert Reiss, which started in Greenwich CT, will now be available across the USA for the first time starting September 2, 2007. The show will be aired in 36 markets including: Atlanta, Boston, Columbus, Houston, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Spokane, West Palm Beach…

This exciting new forum has received rave reviews from top executives. All about honest and frank discussion, The CEO Show with Robert Reiss has already built a reputation for being the must-listen-to source for cutting edge ideas. It helps listeners make sense of the highly misunderstood but critical art of customer service. Here are some insights from CEO Show guests… according to Bernie Marcus, Co-Founder and 19 year CEO The Home Depot, “Very few people think about what the customer wants… they think about what they want to give the customer.” The ramifications can be far-reaching. As William P. Lauder, CEO The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. emphasized on a recent broadcast, “Extraordinary service is the ultimate over time in driving shareholder value.”

And being all things to all people doesn’t help. Jay Walker, Founder and America’s foremost inventor, explained that, “Ideas are not the currency of value. Too many choices confuse customers; we call it mental overload.” Commenting on metrics, Patrick Charmel, CEO Griffin Hospital -- Fortune Magazine’s # 1 best small company to work for in America, said “Measure pride, not satisfaction. Once you satisfy needs, new needs will arise.”

As far as the actual show goes, maybe it was explained best by Carolyn Kepcher CEO Carolyn & Co., former judge The Apprentice, EVP The Trump Organization and author of the best-seller Carolyn 101, who said, “I’ve been very involved with the media. What’s great about The CEO Show with Robert Reiss is that you get to the core and discuss what really matters. Also, it’s a lot of fun. I encourage everyone to tune in and listen!”

The weekly series is hosted by Robert Reiss, a much sought after customer service expert who coined the term “Customer Experience Organization.” According to Reiss, “Millions of business people ask the same question… ’What can I do to help my business succeed?’ The CEO Show will answer this question every Sunday evening, so listeners can get a head start every Monday morning.” Reiss further explains, “The show’s popularity stems from the fact that Americans know intuitively that the customer experience is at the center of business success.” Asked where he got the idea for the show, Reiss explained that linking the customer experience to long-term profitability was a recurring subject in his consulting and executive interviews. Reiss added, “My concept for the show was to have candid in-depth discussions with industry leader CEOs so that the general public, investors and business executives could hear the secrets of linking customer experience and strategy.”

The Show was a natural fit for Reiss, who pioneered the “strategic customer service” concept. Over the past two decades, he has interviewed over 1,000 executives and his work has been featured in many publications including The Harvard Business Review. He is President of Reissource, a firm that facilitates strategy-through-service planning as well as strategic retreats, and he has co-authored the recent book Golf and the Art of Customer Service. Reiss also delivers keynote speeches across the country on the impact customer service can have on an organization.

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